restrictions, perimeter lockdown and holiday curfew


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10:30Mercadona boosts sales of a new hydroalcoholic lotion to protect itself from the coronavirus
The chain chaired by Juan Roig sells 1,600 units per day of a spray format after detecting the demand of its customers. [Más información en este enlace]

10:15Christmas measures in Valencia: what can and cannot be done due to the coronavirus restrictions
The Generalitat toughens some limitations by the Covid-19 and extends them until January 15. [Preguntas y respuestas en este enlace]

10:00The incidence of the coronavirus in the Valencian Community exceeds the national average for the first time
The Valencian region leads the admissions in the ICU by Covid-19 in the last seven days and the positivity almost doubles that of the country as a whole. [Información completa en este enlace]

09:45Christmas measures in Valencia: nightlife may offer hospitality service during the day
The sector will reopen its doors on December 9 after being closed for months due to coronavirus restrictions. [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

09:30Safadifarma will distribute a new rapid saliva test that detects Covid-19 antigen in less than fifteen minutes
The test guarantees more than 97% clinical sensitivity and its price does not reach five euros per unit. [Más información y fotos en este enlace]

09:15Christmas measures in Valencia: the Generalitat extends the restrictions until January 15 with exceptions in the holidays
On December 23, 24, 25 and 31 and on January 1, the perimeter confinement will be lifted and family reunions of ten people will be allowed. [Lea aquí la información completa]

09:00Christmas measures in Valencia: restrictions on residences for the elderly due to the coronavirus
Equality makes a proposal for a resolution whereby residents will not be able to leave without an overnight stay after exceeding the risk level one per Covid-19. [Más información en este enlace]

08:45Christmas measures in Alicante: the Police dissolve two bottles and four parties in homes in one night
Agents sanction an establishment for keeping music on after closing due to coronavirus measures. [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

08:30Christmas measures in Valencia: neither New Year’s Eve Bell parties nor Three Kings Parade
The City Council works on a static parade because the Consell recommends not authorizing large events. [Más información en este enlace]

08:15Christmas measures in Valencia: the Generalitat admits that it “costs a lot” to lower the coronavirus curve
The Valencian Community is at “high risk” due to the Covid-19 in most of the health departments. [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

08:00Christmas measures in Valencia: restrictions due to the coronavirus in force for the December bridge
The Valencian Community will keep in force until the end of December the two decrees -one of the Presidency and the other of the Ministry of Health- that establish the restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus. These measures include the limitation of capacity in hotels, cinemas, theaters and other spaces; as well as the night curfew or the perimeter confinement. [Más información en este enlace]

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