Ribera Salud denounces the Ministry of Health for “hacking” its computer system in Torrevieja




The company Ribera Health has submitted a complaint before the Civil Guard against Ministry of Health Universal and Public Health by “Hack” your computer system at the Torrevieja Hospital, privately managed, but whose reversion to the public system is scheduled for next Friday, October 15.

According to the company executives, two technicians from the Generalitat requested access to the medical center facilities because they did not have the code and subsequently the entry into their Internet networks and one software data download of your property.

This complaint occurs in the midst of an escalation of tensions and reproaches between Ribera Salud and those responsible for the Autonomous Administration, who accuse each other of breaching the conditions of the agreement for the private management of the hospital.

The counselor, Ana Barcelo, he warned a few days ago that he was preventing access to information from the center and that this attitude could have «consequences». Ribera Salud has repeatedly warned of the instability of the staff’s working conditions, while the Department has committed to guaranteeing jobs from the reversal, next Friday.

“Confidential files”

Regarding this latest episode of tensions, the health group has specified that last Friday its cybersecurity department detected “irregular access to the computer system owned by Ribera Salud, with theft of information and confidential files by unauthorized personnel, and from teams of the unit of the Commissioner of the Department of Health in the Hospital of Torrevieja.

This has been communicated to both the Ministry and the Civil Guard for an investigation to be opened.

The same sources emphasize that, “given the seriousness of the events denounced and the seriousness of the issue due to the connotations it may have and the scope of the people involved,” they refrain from making assessments in this regard “until the end of the police and judicial investigation. ».

Councilor Ana Barceló
Councilor Ana Barceló – ABC

For their part, from the Ministry they point out that, given the imminent end of the administrative concession contract of the Torrevieja Department of Health starting next Friday and the integration of the department in the public network Directly managed, the Valencian administration «has a single objective: to guarantee continuity of care and improve the care of the 180,000 inhabitants of the health area».

To this end, they continue, Sanitat «has adhered at all times to the legal framework of the concession contract, which obliges the concessionaire to deliver the sanitary service in the appropriate conditions and provide the necessary information to guarantee citizens the right to continue receiving health care in the best conditions and without loss of care ». “Some requirements that the company has repeatedly ignored,” they assert.

Resolutions of the TSJCV

Sources from the department headed by Ana Barceló note that «five resolutions of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community have endorsed the strategy designed and executed by the Department of Health ».

Finally, they emphasize that the Department “will remain firm and will continue to advance in the planned, orderly and calm transition in which it has been working for the last year, regardless of provocations and obstacles, and with total legal certainty, to protect and defend the right of the citizens of the department of Torrevieja to receive, as of Saturday, the best health care ».

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