Rifirrafe de Olona (Vox) and Aragonés (PP) that ended Abascal’s match outside of a Commission




Vox left this morning during a few minutes the meeting of the Mixed Commission of National Security of the Congress, after the clash between the deputy and general secretary of the Group, Macarena Olona, with the president of this Commission, the deputy of the Popular Party, Carlos Aragonese.

The incident occurred while a PNV proposal for create a presentation to study disinformation and “fake news”, which was rejected by Vox.

The defense of the Vox proposal was made by the deputy Manuel Mariscal, who assured that to prosecute hoaxes it is necessary to provide more resources and material and human resources to the Justice and to the State Security Forces and Bodies, “and not creating more subcommissions.” The representative of the Abascal formation He accused all parties of not being “legitimized to pursue disinformation” and contributing to “legitimizing” censorship.

This intervention led Aragonés will take the floor to specify that although the proposal was made by the Basque nationalists it was not a “party” initiative because it is supported by other parliamentary groups. In addition, he stressed that the Commission’s job is to “integrate plurality” and urged Vox to collaborate with his “good march.”

Maintain “proper decorum”

These words deserved the response of Macarena Olona that came to interrupt Aragonese asking him not to debate with the other groups and to maintain “due decorum” to their lordships. The President of the Commission replied stating that «this president has to keep quiet about what he is thinking right now» and reproached the deputy who would have interrupted him, in a maneuver that he described as antireglamentaria. Twice he asked the Vox deputy to maintain silence and “due respect” as well as “a certain gestural restraint. This is not a game, Mrs. Olona, ​​not even propagandistic, it is a meeting of politicians and parliamentary representatives, and a formality that you must comply with, ”reports Ep.

At the end of their speech, the three Vox deputies got up and they left the meeting, which they only joined to vote.

In its twitter accountVox affirmed that “the president of the National Security Commission and a PP deputy acting as a commentator and violating the principle of neutrality! They want to silence 4 million Spaniards, and they will not achieve it! »

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