Roberto Migallón (PP), new mayor of Zaratán (Valladolid) after the motion against the PSOE was successful




The popular Roberto Migallón has become this Monday the new mayor of the Valladolid municipality of Zaratán after having succeeded the motion of censure against the socialist Alejandra Fernández, who until today held the baton of command.

The motion has been passed byeight votes in favor and four against, with one abstention. Specifically, the vote of no confidence has been supported by four councilors of the PP; the two of Citizens -which until now were part of the coalition government team with the PSOE and AIZ-; the mayor Cristina Aguilar, expelled from Vox for supporting this maneuver, and the non-attached councilor Antonio Fraile, who left the ranks of the PSOE and the Government team last year.

The other councilor who left the socialist bench with Fraile, Encar Prieto, has abstained from voting, while the two councilors who maintain the PSOE, the mayor of AIZ and that of Take the Word have voted against.

In her speech in the Plenary, the outgoing mayor has charged against the PP for breach the anti-trafficking pact signed with the PSOE by accepting the votes of these two non-attached councilors and has accused the former representative of Vox of never having “ever fought” for the acronym that gave him that position, since “always presented the motions jointly with the PP and she has never defended them in plenary session.”

“Undeserved treason”

He has also regretted the “Undeserved treason” by Ciudadanos and he has reminded his representatives that it was to defend them that the Socialist Group lost two councilors last year, despite which the ediles of the orange party have now agreed with the PP to expel her from the Mayor’s Office, reports Ep.

In addition, the councilor of Cs José Carlos Cordovilla has been accused of “Not give a stick to water” in the Government team ever since he adhered to the motion and has hinted that the recovery of his assignment as councilor, which the opposition has supported after having voted to withdraw it, has had a role in this decision.

«This is not the time for a vote of no confidence, but to work for and for the people, not to look out for their own interests, but since they have done so, I ask them to work for the people from now on », added Alejandra Fernández, who has been excited in the part end of his speech.

«If I cry and I love you, it is not because of you or because I have to leave office, it is because before I am a political“Concluded Fernández, who has also defended his management at the head of the Consistory during the pandemic.

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