Rocío Monasterio sets the objective that Pablo Iglesias does not obtain a seat




The candidate of Vox to the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, has asked for the elimination of curfews so that they can return to jobs, because “all jobs are essential, because they are salaries that allow families to get ahead.” He has proposed to halve the number of deputies in the Assembly: from 136 to half; and that the ministries go from the current 13 to seven, to save public resources. And an immediate reduction of taxes that supposes half a point of personal income tax reduction in each section. “That is what public resources must be for, and not for the Animal Welfare Commissioner.”

In this sense, Monasterio denounces the “layers of fat” that the administration has accumulated, translated into expenses that the Vox spokesperson considers expendable. For example, he cites the «62 million euros in promotion of the ministries». Nor does he understand why a million euros are going to be spent to organize an electoral debate through the Television Academy, when it could be done in “Telemadrid, which is a public entity.”

During an informative breakfast of Europa Press, Monasterio has criticized those who justified the attacks they received during a rally in Vallecas, and has claimed the right to defend their ideas wherever they want, with absolute freedom. Monastery has indicated that its objective is that Pablo Iglesias does not have a seat in the Assembly, as the beginning of the end of his political life; their goal is to “stop the left.”

The Vox candidate has insisted that the Community needs “protection” because “it is useless to criticize the outrages of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias” if then there is “submission to certain policies and the progressive consensus.” He has also accused the PP of not having known how to choose his partners, allying himself with Ignacio Aguado de Ciudadanos, whom Monasterio continues to call “Sánchez’s infiltrator” and whom he has accused of “boycotting the tax cut that I had personally agreed to with the Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty». Vox voted against this tax reduction law after a disagreement with Cs. His distrust of Cs is total: he believes that they are capable of supporting the left so as not to take the picture with Vox. Understand that “they are past.”

Monastery has regretted that they were ignored when Vox warned, “on January 24, 2021” of the need to control access by Barajas to stop the expansion of the Covid. And she has been in favor of expanding the Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital.


As “the only candidate who has a large family and has been autonomous,” she protests excessive “paperwork and hyper-regulation that suffocates companies” and also because elections are called on a working day without thinking about the working parents who on that day find that the children do not have school.

The reference to illegal immigration and “squatting” was not lacking in his speech. In this area, Monastery also lends itself, from Vox, to “protect Madrid.” As in the educational chapter: it asks not to allow laws that allow “indoctrination at school through political activists, and that our children leave class knowing more about gender identity than history or mathematics.” She is, she said, ready to fight “that the people who come to indoctrinate children in schools are not sent by Pablo Iglesias».

Monasterio has asked “a social housing park of the Community of Madrid”, and also “protect private property” against squatting. Faced with all this, he defends that “to disagree is our obligation, even if we are sometimes stoned.” In his opinion, “Freedom is threatened, because he does not want us to talk to the neighbors”, as in his opinion happened a few days ago in Vallecas, during his rally that ended with altercations and confrontations with the Forces of Order by groups of extremists.

“They were going to kill”

In this sense, the criticism that was launched against Vox for going to Vallecas, understanding that they were “going to provoke”, reminds Monasterio “when they tell women that with short skirts they are provoking.” He recalled the time he worked in Vallecas and described as “extremely serious” that “in the Plaza de la Constitución, many colleagues from Vox and journalists stoned us, and they were also going to kill. It is a shame that some politicians in the equidistance have wanted to say that this was provoking. And that was defending freedom.

He recalled that Vox has suffered violence in different parts of Spain: in Catalonia, in Galicia, in the Basque Country. And in Madrid, he added, Former Vice President Iglesias “sent his brigadistas to stone us and also later defended that they stoned us ». And he recalled that “anyone has the right to go to any neighborhood in Madrid.”

Monastery has asked for “extremely urgent” social housing in Madrid, and recalls that “if we have been able to build the Zendal in three months, we must be able to build prefabricated buildings to get the families that survive in the Cañada Real This social action calls for a forceful police intervention against those who commit crimes.

In relation to vaccines against Covid, the Vox candidate is in favor of organizing tents near health centers to facilitate this process, and asks to have the greatest experts in logistics from large Spanish companies. He assures that he will be vaccinated, “of course”, when he is due.

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