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Kids and little kids, how are you guys doing? Esperanza Aguirre says that in Genoa there are little boys and little girls. In the interview with Juanma Lamet, he failed to point out any tolili, our favorite adjective recovered by Florentino. Nor can the gentlemen of Genoa be too offended. Nor those of Ferraz. Excellence in politics (and journalism, okay) is a rare commodity. Not because there isn’t, but because it is not always allowed to develop. That ‘Mediocracy’ (Turner) that Alain Denault writes about is normal. Mediocrity. Mediocrity disguised as something else that seems like a good thing. Now that Adlai Stevenson III is dead, I remember Adlai Stevenson II, the best president the US ever had. A democrat

High-end, as Woody Allen describes it in his memoirs when he met him at Arthur Krim’s house. Galbraith writes in “With His Own Name” that no politician, not even Roosevelt or Kennedy, has had a more loyal clique of supporters than Adlai Stevenson. But it did not reach large audiences. He ran twice for the Presidency. In 1952 and 1956. Both times he lost. The Soviets spoke to him through the ambassador with a message from Khrushchev. They offered him help to perform again in 1960. They preferred him to Nixon. Of course, he politely said no, thank you. He would later face them at the UN (when the UN was important) as the US representative during the missile crisis.

Its brilliance was unfit for mass. His skill in discussion and public speaking was not surpassed. He generously believed that the people are intelligent. He was above the political rubbish. Surely neither Genoa nor Ferraz would promote it. The closest thing Genoa has had is Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. And you know.

A few months ago, Casado told the autonomies governed by the PP to copy the ‘Ayuso model’. Manolo Escobar sang that true affection is neither bought nor sold. There is no money in the world to buy what you want. And if you can’t copy Belén Esteban or Messi, in which head is it possible to copy Ayuso? As it continues to be one of the few non-hollow heads of the PP, when Cayetana was asked about the ideas that she would highlight in Ayuso, she failed to put her hands to her head: “Ideas?” He recognized that what he had was attitude. Something, I am afraid, that cannot be copied either. I do not know if the militants will think the same as the voters, but the voters will remember that the kids and children want to boycott Ayuso in his idea of ​​being president of the PP in Madrid. Ayuso is not Aguirre. Despite the attitude, it gives the impression of weakness and that people perceive. Kids, kids, and bullies trying to stop Ayuso from being the class delegate.

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