Russians are reluctant to the vaccine, also because it forces them to avoid vodka



The start of the vaccination campaign in Russia doesn’t seem to be being a success. The influx to the 70 open points in Moscow, where Spútnik V is administered free of charge and voluntarily, cannot be said to be massive. For now, the health authorities silence the numbers of people vaccinated in recent days. In addition to this lack of enthusiasm towards the new drug, just on the eve of the New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays, the demand for refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages for 56 days those who want to be immunized against Covid-19.

Anna Popova, director of the Rospotrebnadzor control body, said in an interview on Tuesday on Komsomólskaya Pravda radio that, before being vaccinated, you have to go two weeks without drinking any alcohol plus 21 days between the two injections, “when it is formed immunity and another 21 days later. In total, 56 days to give up the precious national drink, vodka and any other, even champagne and wine.

Alcohol-free at Christmas parties

And that taking into account that the festivities begin on December 31 with New Year’s Eve, then continue with Orthodox Christmas, on January 7, and end on Sunday the 10th. Many also celebrate the New Year according to the old calendar, in the night of January 13-14. So at get vaccinated now, they smash the Christmas party, one of the few consolations in times of pandemic. Social networks have already echoed the negative attitude towards the vaccine of many users.

An unsuccessful vaccine among Russians

The vaccination that has just begun in Russia, as explained last week by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobianin, is dat the present stage only aimed at “risk professions”, health workers, teachers and social service workers. These groups, along with the military and the police, already had the opportunity to be vaccinated voluntarily in the preceding months as part of the third and final phase of the drug’s clinical trials.

Maybe that explains why now nor too much movement is observed in the dispensaries authorized to administer Spútnik V. To this must be added that, at the current stage, those under 18 and those over 60 will not have access to the vaccine. We will have to wait for the moment when all population groups can access the drug without limitations in order to calibrate the real acceptance that you are going to have. However, surveys indicate that a majority of Russians do not intend to be vaccinated despite the fact that the incidence of the disease continues to increase. Russia already exceeds two and a half million positives for coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, thus occupying the fourth place in the list of affected worldwide, behind the US, India and Brazil. The number of deaths is already close to 45,000.

The Moscow councilor hopes that during the current campaign some seven million people and, in his words, as the production of the drug accelerates, “the list of people who can be vaccinated will be expanded to reach all residents of Moscow.”

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