Ruthie Henshall recounts the intimacies of her six-year romance with Prince Edward



Musical theater star Ruthie Henshall, 53, did not imagine that while he was having an intimate chat with a fellow British program “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here”, their conversation was being recorded. Something normal in a reality show, on the other hand. But what’s important about this is that what they were talking about was her six-year relationship with Prince Edward. Several microphones revealed the conversation of the one who was the girlfriend of the son of Queen Elizabeth II.

Until now he had never talked about this romance they had when they were 20 years old, but this indiscretion has paid off for the queen of the theater. The ex-partner maintains a good relationship but it is unknown how Prince Edward will feel if they are made public details of their relationship.

‘I was quite surprised. You say things in there and forget that you are on a program 24 hours a day, seven days a week, “said Ruthie Henshall after learning that it was made public. In this conversation, she acknowledges that she fell madly in love with him, although they finally each went their own way in 1993. She realized that by continuing with their relationship, her career in the theater world it would end. “I think he was hopeful that we could move forward in our relationship, but I really think he was very aware that I could not do what I do for a living if I had stayed with him,” acknowledges the actress.

Ruthie admits there were a lot of “pinch” moments during the romance. One of them was undoubtedly the day he met Queen Elizabeth II: “We were in Windsor and I saw a table outside with people around it, and it was that ‘OMG! It looks like the Queen! Oh my God, it’s the Queen. And that moment of presentation was very fast. Edward said ‘this is Ruthie’ and she put out her hand and I grabbed it and shook it. “

Recognize that they are very welcoming and that everyone was very good to her. They are a normal family. I was absolutely welcome. I have nothing but love and beautiful memories from them and I never felt like an outsider, “he said in conversation with his program partner. Another of those days was the day that they got drunk in Balmoral and that everyone was singing.

“The Queen and Margaret were singing hymns and Diana put her hand on me and, with great irony, said, ‘Oh my God, stop singing hymns! Come on, sing some musical theater. ‘ And Margarita listened and of course she loved the theater and asked me to sing a song from the show she was in, which was ‘Les Mis’ at the time. So, I sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’. But because I had never had a martini before, the key I started it with was not where I ended up. But I got away with it »

Although perhaps what gives the actress the most shame of the conversation that has come to light, is the fact that she acknowledged having had sex in the Buckingham Palace.

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