Salvador Sostres: Folklore and reality




Spanish folklore always makes a fool of itself in Catalonia. Pro-independence propaganda is much more effective. But it is that Spain has plenty of reality to waste time on gossip.

Artur Mas has acknowledged that he knew that the independence of Catalonia was never close and that he lied to the Catalans with promises and deadlines of impossible fulfillment to incite the masses and protect their electoral interests.

Anna Gabriel works for the Swiss union Unia, as deputy regional secretary in Geneva. The union is in fashion these days in the Helvetic Confederation because it has been known that it manages a wealth of about 800 million euros: more than 400, invested in an extensive collection of properties, and more than

300, intended for various financial investments such as participations, mortgages or loans granted.

Puigdemont accuses Spain of making a fool of himself because he cannot extradite him, but in the deactivated, depressed and decadent Catalonia, both he and his candidates lose every election to which they stand. Those of the institutions and those of his own party.

Anna Gabriel becomes the victim, the exile, but is in Switzerland for tourist reasons. As long as she is only accused of disobedience, she could return to Spain without any risk of being imprisoned, but here she would not have any union to pay for the party, or other more intimate affairs than those she enjoys in Geneva.

Puigdemont has become the official vagabond of Europe, living by the death and always with fear in his body. While he accuses Spain of playing the Indian, he plans to ask for Belgian nationality, because he sees his amnesty or pardon impossible. It is true that being a Belgian citizen is a little more serious than being the leader of an imaginary republic, but only a little. For this reason, that Pedro Sánchez is thinking – according to the revelation of former President Zapatero – of pardoning him, or something similar to facilitate his return, is a defeatist concession in a game that is being won, and against a rival who not only will not appreciate the magnanimity – as ERC has done so fragile but significantly with its commitment to dialogue – but it will use it to try to rewrite History. Carpeting his return, the State would give Puigdemont the story that Spanish Justice is indeed political, that he was always right and that he has won his war for democracy and freedom.

Swindled by its leaders and abandoned by patriots who claim to love it and have dedicated themselves in recent years to nothing more than to destroy it with their stupid decisions, and its legendary cowardice, Catalonia sinks into its humiliating ignominy.

If the State should have learned something at this point from the grotesque and absurd confrontation with Catalonia, it is that, both in folklore, as in reality, as in politics, the only damage that both sides can cause is that which they make themselves.

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