Sánchez announces that the Government will allocate 206 million euros for La Palma

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Pedro Sánchez, on his third visit to La Palma since the volcano crisis began two weeks ago, has announced a new, much more generous package of measures aimed at alleviating the effects of the lava that has devastated everything in its path. Thus, this Sunday he announced that the Council of Ministers next Tuesday will approve a urgent departure of 206 million euros destined to the reconstruction of infrastructures, water supply, employment, agriculture, or tourism, essential so that the island “does not stop”.

It will be, the president said, “a very powerful package of measures from the reconstruction point of view of infrastructures, of response to the problem of water supply, also of employment, agriculture, from the point of view of the tourism sector and tax benefits ”.

The palmeros face the difficult task of starting to rebuild their lives, interrupted by the eruption of the new volcano that is already part of the landscape of their ‘pretty island’. But with the uncertainty of when it will stop roaring, the first aid of 10 million euros announced by the central government, plus the 10 million from the Canarian Executive, under the ground seemed to be very short.

The chief executive has assured that the eruption of the volcano is “a test of resistance, which it is not known when it will end». “Regardless of when all administrations end, we will be there to tackle the enormous task of rebuilding La Palma and giving progress and tranquility to the palm trees and palm trees”, he explained. To do this, he said, there will be “two maxims”: unity and strength.

The solidarity of the Spanish has also found a gap between Sánchez’s words. Specifically, it has valued the empathy that has been shown from all parts of Spaina, as well as the “lesson in civics and unity” of the inhabitants of La Palma. “The fact that we do not have any personal damage to regret responds to the joint commitment of the palm trees and palm trees,” he pointed out.

Sánchez has summoned the media after having met at 12 noon (11 a.m. on La Palma) with the Steering Committee of the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca). It is the second time that the Chief Executive has a meeting with this committee. The first was on September 19, when he visited the island after postponing his trip to New York to speak at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

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