Sánchez buries the bilateral commission with Aragon and Lambán applauds the ‘table’ with the Generalitat




The bilateral commission between the central and Aragonese governments has been buried by Moncloa for three years, with the consent of the regional government presiding over the socialist Javier Lambán. Since June 2017, its operating regulations establish that it must meet “at least twice a year”, but since Pedro Sánchez is president of the Government, only one session has been held, and it was almost three years ago. Despite the nonentity, the Government of Lambán excuses Sánchez, who this Wednesday will pass through Aragon to attend the ‘dialogue table’ with the Generalitat independentist.

A few days ago, when the PP spoiled the Lambán Government its silence before the ninguneo, the spokesperson for the Aragonese Executive, the also socialist Mayte perez, he chose to downplay it. It does not matter “the number but the fruit” of the meetings, he said. The problem is that without meetings there can be no fruit of them, and, if nothing remedies it, By the end of this year Pedro Sánchez will have already skipped six bilateral meetings with Aragon.

The Aragon-State Bilateral Cooperation Commission is included in the Statute of Autonomy of Aragon as a key body in the negotiation of projects and decisive interests for the autonomous community. The regional Executive currently considers a priority to improve regional financing and the promotion of infrastructure projects anchored in oblivion or delays, both in transport and hydraulic systems. And the bilateral commission is a strategic scenario, but it has become non-existent.

Lambán avoids bothering Sánchdez

Now, while Moncloa ignores the bilateral commission with Aragon and praises the table with the sovereign Generalitat, Javier Lambán has come out in defense of his leader. After years of squabbles, the Aragonese prefers not to bother Sánchez. “You have my full support to try to find solutions to the conflict posed by the Catalan independence movement”, the leader of the Aragonese PSOE recently affirmed when asked about the controversial
Moncloa’s ‘dialogue table’ with the Generalitat
independentista. Of course, despite the good intention that he says he sees in Sánchez, he affirms that he is “skeptical” about the practical result that this table has.

Meanwhile, in the part that touches it directly, the Aragonese Government avoids criticizing the paralysis of its bilateral commission with Moncloa. And it makes verbal balances to, at the same time, vindicate that Aragón-State bilateral commission, but deny that the region has been harmed by not having met in three years.

Last Friday, in the Cortes of Aragon, the spokesperson for the Government of Lambán and counselor of the Presidency, Mayte Pérez, opted for that zigzagging speech so as not to disturb Moncloa: “We continue to insist and demand the need for this bilateral commission, because it is absolutely vital and necessary”, “but from these meetings we have to see not the number but the fruit”; “We are exchanging documents to set a date”, but it remains unknown when it will meet; and, while asking for the Bilateral to meet, he says that in practice it is being replaced with regular meetings and contacts between the departments of the Aragonese Government and ministerial representatives.

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