Sánchez burns 45,000 liters of diesel every year to heat La Moncloa while attacking diesel

Pedro Sánchez has been bragging about environmentalism for years and making these proclamations one of his main propaganda banners. But between speech and practice there is a considerable gap: the same Government that denies diesel fuel as a pollutant, consumes it in abundance to heat the premises in which Sánchez lives and works. The Palacio de La Moncloa, the seat of the Presidency of the Government, burns an average of 45,000 liters of heating oil every year, which leaves a bill of about 40,000 euros per year.

The leader of the PSOE has already accumulated three winters heating up with diesel in La Moncloa, he goes for the fourth and considers a fifth and a sixth. This is what it indicates the macro contract

that the Government has recently signed to supply heating oil to the Palacio de La Moncloa and several other official headquarters that, for these purposes, depend on the diesel purchased by the Ministry of the Presidency.

Since he settled in La Moncloa, more than three years ago, Pedro Sánchez has chained several macro-contracts for heating oil, according to the official documentation collected by ABC. He became president of the Government on June 1, 2018, with the motion of censure that removed Mariano Rajoy’s PP from power. At that moment Moncloa was supplied with heating oil with a contract that was in effect until the following year. When it ended, in 2019, Sánchez chose to continue burning diesel to heat La Moncloa and, for that, it processed a new one-year contract, which it then extended for another year. A few months ago, when the 2019 awarding came to an end, the anti-diesel president chose to put out to tender another new macro-contract for the same substance.

Carmen Calvo left it ready

The one that has now been signed has been processed by the Ministry of the Presidency. Carmen Calvo left it ready at the end of June, a few days before she was dismissed in the remodeling of the cabinet carried out by Pedro Sánchez.

This new contract, awarded to the company Esergui Disteser SLU, will have a minimum duration of one year, until spring 2022, but it provides for the possibility of extending it for a couple of more years, which could extend it until spring 2024. To heat his premises, the President of the Government remains faithful to diesel despite the fact that their proclamations deny hydrocarbons. The “ecological transition” that the Executive proclaims and that has been primed especially with diesel has not yet reached La Moncloa.

Heating diesel is from the same family as automotive diesel and B diesel, which is used for agricultural and fishing machinery, boats and authorized industrial vehicles. Diesel (A), diesel B and C (heating) are three types of diesel that are differentiated by their level of refining, impurities and additives. But all three have the same essence.

To get an idea of ​​what the 45,000 liters of diesel from La Moncloa represent, they are equivalent to what 200 large tonnage trucks consume making the trip between Madrid and Barcelona. According to an official report from the Ministry of Development, dated 2018, the average consumption of an articulated truck is around 35 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. And it must be taken into account that, of the three types of diesel on the market – A (diesel), B and C (heating) -, the one with the most impurities is heating. And its special calorific power is given by its high paraffin content. On the contrary, the most refined diesel is diesel, automotive diesel.

Also the BOE, El Pardo

Returning to the heating oil macro contract that has just come into force, It includes a list of estimated consumption for the different locations that are supplied under this award. of the Ministry of the Presidency. These dependencies include the Moncloa complex, but also others such as the headquarters of the Official State Gazette (BOE), the buildings of the Real Sitio de El Pardo and even the Valley of the Fallen.

In total, the heating oil macro contract signed by the Ministry of the Presidency foresees an annual cost of almost 700,000 euros between all the units it covers.

Consumption is not fixed. So you cannot establish a closed quantity of diesel to supply. But the award does include estimates, which are used to evaluate the amount reached by the contract. The forecast has been calculated based on consumption in recent years, which makes it very accurate. In the case of La Moncloa, it is estimated at 45,000 liters per year, which cost about 40,000 euros (VAT included).

For the headquarters of the BOE State Agency, the same contract estimates an annual consumption of about 160,000 liters of heating oil, with an amount of around 144,000 euros.

Another 17,500 liters per year have been calculated for the headquarters of the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies. And of the order of 550,000 liters per year – almost half a million euros – for multiple dependencies managed by the National Heritage Board of Directors: the Monastery of Yuste (Cáceres), facilities in the Valley of the Fallen, the Royal Palace of Madrid and the buildings that make up the Royal Site of El Pardo, including the palace of the same name, the Quinta and the Zarzuela complex.


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