Sánchez raises the aid for the reconstruction of La Palma to 214 million euros



In which is your cFourth visit to the island of La Palma since the eruption of the volcano, Pedro Sánchez has taken advantage this time to increase the amount of money that those affected by the crisis of the Cumbre Vieja will receive from the central Executive. If a few days ago he promised to allocate 206 million euros for the reconstruction plan, this Wednesday he has encrypted it at 214.

This amount of money will be destined to areas of “vital importance”, according to Sánchez. Thus, they will be invested in housing, agricultural and fishing farms, irrigation, infrastructure and employment, with the already announced ERTE specific for the Canary Islands. Within this point, the president has inquired, 60 million euros will be allocated to guarantee “Opportunities, jobs, stability and certainty” to the palm trees.

The President of the Government held a meeting with the Pevolca Steering Committee and then appeared before the media at the Salazar Palace. Subsequently, it will move to the center of help for the victims of the Llanos de Aridane, one of the towns most affected by the eruption.

Thus, the chief executive returned to La Palma ten days after his last visit, when he announced a second package of aid to the island worth 206.9 million euros, in order to guarantee homes, businesses, plantations and infrastructures, as well as to alleviate the problem of water supply on the island and intervene in matters of employment, agriculture or tourism.

Sánchez has already been on the island on two other occasions before. The first of them took place the same day of the eruption: on September 19, a visit of several days that was interrupted by his intervention before the UN General Assembly, returning to the island to accompany the Kings on their visit to La Palma on September 23rd.

During this first visit, La Palma was the setting for his international interview with the CNN news network. Sánchez had a conversation scheduled in the UN General Assembly with journalist Christiane Amanpour, who would ask him questions from London. However, the fleeting nature of Sánchez’s passage through the Big Apple to return to the Canary Islands forced the connection to be made from La Palma.

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