Sánchez’s pro-independence partners: “Nothing to celebrate”

Bilbao / Barcelona



“Today there is nothing to celebrate”, was the slogan repeated yesterday by the pro-independence partners of Pedro Sánchez, who nevertheless did not miss the opportunity to use the showcase that provides on Constitution Day to claim “the republics” of the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Although the truth is that beyond the specific mobilizations and some timid attempt to boycott the 6-D celebrations, there were no major fuss yesterday. As usual, the Basque and Catalan nationalist and sovereignist formations did not take part in the acts of celebration of a Constitution that, from the headquarters of the PNV in Bilbao, the spokesman for the nationalists in Congress, Aitor Esteban, classified as “Kidnapped and unfulfilled”.

With the permission of the PNV, the leading voice of the belligerent forces with the Constitution in the Basque Country was led by Arnaldo Otegui, general coordinator of Bildu, who declared the “78 regime” expired and defended “a Constitution made by Basques and Basques in a constituent process voted by Basques and Basques ».

Beyond reaffirming itself to its supporters as an anti-system formation despite its pacts in Congress, the demonstrations that the heirs of the extinct Batasuna carried out yesterday in the Basque autonomy kept the objective of spear towards Moncloa the message that they will not lower the pressure to satisfy their sovereign interests. They understand, as Otegui said this week, that the occasion that is presented with this Executive is unique, as is the political and social context caused by the pandemic.

With less formality, the youths of radical Basque nationalism, represented in Ernai, walked. It is the same organization that undertook it to “hack” against the Spanish Constitution in a video broadcast early this Saturday. His supporters marched through various Basque and Navarrese cities to demand secession. And incidentally, also the mass approach of ETA prisoners. They were watered down demonstrations, as was the day itself, due to low participation. In the case of Bilbao, barely fifty people gathered in front of the headquarters of the Government sub-delegation and in front of a significant police presence.

Attacks on Justice

Nor in Catalonia were there large mobilizations against the Magna Carta. Junts per Catalunya (JpC), the CUP and ERC barely raised their voices, beyond a few tweets to satisfy their parish.

Esquerra, Sánchez’s partner for the approval of the Budgets, launched the odd expletive through Teresa Jordà, Minister of Agriculture of the Generalitat and ERC candidate for Gerona -the Constitution is «Subscribed but the most cacique, carca and demophobic fascism»– but generally kept a low profile. Bringing the ember to the only issue that at this time is capable of uniting secessionism, the situation of the imprisoned political leaders, to whom the Supreme Court has denied the third degree, Pere Aragonès – vice president and acting president of the Generalitat – repeated what “Justice is only impartial with the extreme right”. “You only need to see the Supreme Court to verify that this is not the case,” said the Republican in a video posted on social networks.

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