Sarkozy pleads not guilty at opening of corruption trial

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Following to the letter the most legendary of the treatises of military strategy, written in China, six centuries before Christ, Nicolas sarkozy He finally opened the first day of his trial, for alleged crimes of corruption, on Monday afternoon, with a passionate attack against the accusations accumulated by the investigating judges.

After six years of instruction, the judges presented the Court of parisIn its day, a statement of charges that allows the former president to be charged with alleged crimes of corruption: trying to “buy” with possible perks and promotions a magistrate who could transmit confidential information to Sarkozy and his defense lawyer about other scandals to be tried.

Sarkozy runs the risk of being sentenced to ten years in prison and a one million euro fine for alleged corruption and influence peddling. His lawyer, Thierry Herzog, and the magistrate from whom it was desired to ‘buy’, Gilbert Azibert, are prosecuted for very similar alleged crimes. The process runs the risk of extending until Christmas, or the eve, a possible source of unfathomable intimate bitterness for the president.

After two postponements last week, the process was able to begin on Monday afternoon. And Nicolas Sarkozy, in the best tradition of the Bonapartist hussars, asked the president of the Court of Paris to speak, launching a full-blown offensive, on horseback, saber at the verbal ready, launching a rosary of accusations against everything and everyone. Starting with the examining judges, without naming them, but accusing them with the finger.

Without naming anyone, specifically, Sarkozy launched his first “philippic” in these terms: “I do not recognize myself in any of the infamies that have been repeated for six years.” Denying being a “corrupt”, denouncing a “scandal”, the former president declared: “I do not intend to accept any of the things that are reproached to me.”

Evidence against Sarkozy

In his day, the investigating judges of the first of the ten scandals that “persecute” Sarkozy had access to the recordings carried out by the judicial police, following an order from a judge: conversations between the former president and his lawyer “discussing” how they could “buy” the illegal information that a magistrate could provide them, who would be offered a favorable “promotion” in Monaco.

Believing, like Sun Tzu, the author of the canonical Chinese “Art of War,” written six centuries before Christ, that the best defense is attack, Sarkozy began by attempting to “disqualify” the examining judges. During the next few days, the former president will have to limit himself to trying to convince that the charges against him are false. We will see.

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