“Save me” plans to celebrate its next anniversary at Ambiciones, the Jesulín de Ubrique farm




Last Wednesday, the magazine «Semana» announced that Jesulín de Ubrique It plans to make a profit from its “Ambiciones” farm located in Prado del Rey (Cádiz) and has begun to prepare a series of reforms to be able to rent it from next year, in order to hold luxury events there. As the aforementioned publication announced, his brother Humberto Janeiro and his wife’s brother, Maria Jose Campanario, will help you in this new business adventure.

Yesterday afternoon, this was one of the main topics discussed in “Save me.” All the collaborators wanted to know the opinion of Belén Esteban, his ex-partner and mother of his firstborn, Andrea Janeiro. ‘It doesn’t seem bad to me. If he can profit … He lives with his wife and children elsewhere. To me, I do not have to comment, it does not seem bad. If he can make a profit, I don’t think it’s bad, “announced the” people’s princess. ” But when his companions thought that the right-hander could have made this decision to protect the inheritance that would correspond to his daughter, Belén Esteban affirmed: «The best inheritance you can leave a son is the education and the love that you have to give him during all his life “, and added:” I am clear that Jesus has three children and for him his three children are the same, I am sure that all children are equal. ”

Jesulín de Ubrique and Belén Esteban present their daughter Andrea
Jesulín de Ubrique and Belén Esteban present their daughter Andrea – “Hi!”

Yesterday afternoon, the program of the heart par excellence contacted the future manager of all the celebrations that take place in Ambiciones and she took the opportunity to deny some of the data that had been given the previous afternoon. «Not even Jesus is brokeNeither the farm wants to sell or anything like that “, or” The farm is perfect, it doesn’t fall apart or anything you’re talking about, “were some of the businesswoman’s reproaches. In addition, he explained the business project in which the bullfighter is involved. “We want to do all kinds of high standing events, with a minimum of 40 or 50 people, such as weddings and others.” When the editor brought up the idea of ​​holding the “Save me” team an event in Ambitions, the manager did not hesitate to respond with an ironic tone. “I don’t think Jesus is very amused that the ‘Save me’ come to the farm. But everything will be discussed, nothing is impossible ».

After this, the collaborators asked Belén if she would go to the party for the 12th anniversary of the program -which will be held next April- in the event that they decide to rent the land, something that television is not willing to do. In spite of everything, at all times he assured that “it does not seem wrong to me that he does it. I think it’s very good that he gives work to the people and to María José’s brother ».

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