Scott Atlas, Donald Trump’s special adviser on coronavirus, resigns


The controversial adviser to the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, on coronavirus matters, Scott Atlas, will present his resignation this Tuesday as “special adviser” to the still head of the White House, as the US media have learned, thus complying with the expected term of 130 with which he entered the Republican Administration.

Through a letter sent to the White House, to which Fox News has had access, Atlas has advanced his intention to resign from his post, thanking “the honor and privilege” that has meant for him “to serve the American people “since last August.

“I worked hard with a singular focus: saving lives and helping Americans overcome this pandemic,” wrote Atlas, who has denied receiving political pressure and emphasized that he has “always” based his actions on “science and evidence. “.

Despite having no experience in the field of infectious disease prevention, Atlas, a cardiologist by profession, emerged as one of Trump’s closest advisers after watching his television interventions, in which he argued that exposure to virus would eventually create a “herd immunity.”

Trump has not hesitated throughout these months, including in the electoral debates, to share some of Atlas’ theories, such as those in which he argued that quarantine measures and prolonged confinements could lead to serious physical and psychological problems, even falling in alcoholism and drug addiction problems.

“With the passage of time, like all scientists and academics in health policies, I learned new information and synthesized the most recent data,” explained Atlas, who has indicated that his work “has always focused on minimizing both the damages of the pandemic as those of the structural policies of the working class. “

“I sincerely wish the new team all the best as they guide the nation through these difficult and polarized times,” said Atlas, who has no doubt that “America will once again prosper and overcome the adversity of the pandemic and all. what it has implied. “

The resignation of Atlas occurs in full restructuring of the administrations with the imminent entry of President-elect Joe Biden, who will have to face a complicated health emergency situation in the country, while Donald Trump hurries his last days in office spreading accusations and rumors about an alleged electoral fraud of which he would have been a victim during the recent presidential elections.

The United States, which suffers a new outbreak of the pandemic, and which could go further, due to the millions of displacements that are taking place on these dates on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas holidays, already has more of 13.5 million accumulated cases and 268,000 deaths.

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