Scottish nationalists resume their campaign for independence

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The Brexit transition period ends on December 31, when the final divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union is consummated. However, in the 2016 referendum the majority of Scots voted to stay in the community block, which would justify, in turn, the need to carry out a new independence consultation in the country. This is the argument made over and over by Scotland’s chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who yesterday closed her party’s annual congress with new pro-independence allegations. ‘Here in the UK the threat of Brexit looms. In a month’s time Scotland will be forced against our will to have a much more distant relationship with our friends across the European Union, ‘he said.

The Scottish National Party’s annual congress, which this year is held in virtual mode due to the pandemic, began on Saturday with a speech in which Sturgeon argued that “Support for independence is increasing, and this year it has become the majority and constant point of view in public opinion. The leader of the SNP does not lie, at least according to the polls, some of which give up to 58% of the intention to vote in favor of the separation of the United Kingdom, a change that has occurred thanks to Brexit and the coming to power of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as unionism won the 2014 independence consultation by a majority of 55% to 45%. Sturgeon’s intention is that next year the population will be called to the polls again, for which he needs Westminster’s permission, something to which Johnson flatly refuses.

The ruling party has also held its annual congress with an eye toward the upcoming Scottish elections, scheduled for May. Precisely, Sturgeon said that the new referendum could take place “in the early stages of the new legislature.” Likewise, the party took advantage of the congress to make a promise: the establishment of free meals in schools for all primary school studentsas well as a £ 100 grant for families struggling financially during the winter, especially to feed their children. In addition, the government announced that it will give £ 500 to health personnel as a thank you for “extraordinary service” during the pandemic.

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