Sergio Ramos joins Madrid’s European cause



He is the last of the Mohicans of a line in extinction, that of footballers who they are physical, chemical and sentimental ambassadors of a club, of an entity, of a company, of some colors, of a feeling. Captain, leader, locker room boss, unavailable to discouragement, Sergio Ramos represents the winning, fighting, positive spirit that historically defines Real Madrid. For Zidane it is his extension in the field. His team plays a large part of the season in ninety minutes and the Sevillian will be on Wednesday in the starting lineup that will face Borussia Moenchengladbach for a place in the future of the Champions League.

The victory in Seville, with a goal scored by Vinicius and the local goalkeeper, has meant a boost of morale for the Madrid team at the fundamental moment of the season. The Brazilian transformed Real Madrid.

Injured three weeks ago with the Spanish team, the Seville has been strictly prepared for twenty days to reappear in this decisive week against the Germans and against Atlético.

He has done a preseason. The Sevillian has worked for twenty days to get to this decisive week for Madrid

Ramos has spoken with his companions to transform crisis on a positive path. His harangue has left its mark especially on the youngest, less accustomed to hearing words that are a demonstration of character and belief in themselves when the results undermine those feelings.

Regain peace of mind

After seeing his friend hanging Zizou on the sports rope on two occasions, saving his throat with the victories at the Camp Nou and at the Sánchez Pizjuán, the center-back highlights that a victory in the Champions League in two days would revolutionize the vibrations in the White House to attack Atlético on Saturday in search of a total hit on the table. Three consecutive victories would be a boost for the group and an injection of tranquility.

Carvajal strength. The youth squad accelerates his recovery because he also wants to play against Borussia Moenchengladbach

Ramos has played ten of the 16 Real Madrid games this season and his absence is too noticeable. He was greatly missed in Ukraine. He has scored three goals, has given one and the most important thing is that their presence provides a halo of security that protects the team. His header is an urgent offensive weapon that Zinedine has wanted at critical moments against Shakhtar and Alavés.

The Spaniard has made a true twenty-day preseason, which lacked time to culminate in the summer, and is physically perfect to compete again. Real Madrid have never lost to him in the European Cup league stage.

Carvajal also forces the machine to play the final on Wednesday. The youth squad wants to help the decisive match, Although Zinedine has told him that he will not risk, because he looks at the forest, not the first tree, and then comes Atlético and an infernal league calendar with exams every three dates. For the coach, the Spanish championship is as important as the European challenge, he does not think about protecting his neck.

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