Seven new restaurants in Madrid that you should know

Tabernacle Tradition

This is the new Tabernacle Tradition, in the area of ​​Latin America.
This is the new Tabernacle Tradition, in the area of ​​Latin America. – © D. R.

In a food house you eat well, rich, with seasonal produce, art and craft. So is Tabernacle Tradition, which has just opened its doors in the Latin American area with a quality gastronomic proposal to which it adds a wine list with great personality and unusual references.

Directed by Nicolas MarcosValladolid, viticulturist and cook, Sagrario Tradicion is a bet that does not disappoint. Its classic recipes are updated, with great weight of the embers and the stews, and its own elaborations stand out (such as the sausage or the laborious process to obtain its unique torreznos).

Located in the pleasant area of ​​Hispanoamérica, near the Paseo de la Habana, the place is spacious and cozy. Do not leave without trying the jerky and entrain croquettes, the calluses for those who still seek them throughout Madrid or its Iberian pig feather.

The Queen’s Grill

This is the new Parrilla de la Reina, in Gran Vía.
This is the new Parrilla de la Reina, in Gran Vía. – © D. R.

The Mercado de la Reina Group does it again, now betting on meat and coals, an always tempting combination. The new restaurant is called The Queen’s Grill and it is located in the middle of Gran Vía.

In its stoves, vegetables and vegetables from the Vega of Madrid and the best orchards in the rest of Spain are treated with care. The meat also deserves a separate chapter, because on its exposed charcoal grill those of Angus and Hereford cattle breeds shine, which are imported from Argentina and Uruguay to ensure their premium quality and its unique flavor and tender thanks to the feeding of the cattle in green pastures.

Open from Thursday to Sunday, at La Parrilla de la Reina there is also the best Spanish pig and free range birds in Aranjuez. An appointment with all the guarantees of an excellent meal, by the chef Daniel Larios, in the heart of Madrid.

I swim Madrid

One of the restaurant spaces
One of the restaurant spaces – © D. R.

The chef Iván Domínguez opens the doors of I swim Madrid from this Friday, December 4, after months of works and planning. The textures, flavors and colors of the ocean that bathes Galicia are the reason for being of Nado since its opening in A Coruña in 2019 and that now Domínguez wants to bring also to Madrid.

Located at number 5, Calle Prim, this new restaurant that has more than 200 square meters will maintain the same architectural and conceptual structure as the Galician one. Although Galicia’s restaurant It is closed due to the circumstances of the pandemic and is expected to open the week of December 7, the team is excited to start this new stage.

“A large part of the team has come to Madrid to prepare and advance as much as possible, in that way we have always continued active, we will take advantage of it to strengthen the opening in Madrid and as soon as they leave us, we will reopen in A Coruña ”, indicates the chef.

Nomo Braganza

The restaurant dining room
The restaurant dining room – © D.R.

In the heart of the Salesas neighborhood, the restaurant Name has opened its doors ready to become a Japanese reference essential of the capital.

Japanese chef Naoyuki Haginoya is responsible for a letter offering choices spanning your path at different sushi bars, izakayas and yakinukus in Tokyo. Thus, the experience can begin with Japanese tapas such as Sukiyaki Croquette (Japanese croquette of battered oxtail) and continue with dishes such as the subtle Okonomi Omelette (open omelette with octopus and okonomiyaki sauce) or the Ebi Chilli (spicy prawns on a noodle base crispy kataifi and fried egg). Between sushi bar hits, are essential preparations such as Red mullet no Tataki (red mullet tataki with wok snow peas, ponzu sauce and wasabi leaves) and different proposals of nigiris and rainbow rolls for which the best product with local hints such as rice from the Ebro Delta is used. .

Backed by the success of six restaurants, the family business makes the leap to the capital with a careful interior design project where its premises of quality of product and service.

Papua Columbus

The restaurant's dining room
The restaurant’s dining room – © D.R.

Located in the mythical Plaza de Colón in Madrid, next to the Fernán Gómez Theater, Papua Columbus has all the characteristics to become one of the most fashionable places in the capital: a great gastronomic bet, a unique location and a decoration that will not leave anyone indifferent.

With dimensions of 600 square meters, at the head of the stoves is Andrés Castaño, right hand of Aurelio Morales placeholder image, Michelin star chef at CEBO restaurant, who undertakes the new challenge of bringing all his knowledge to make Papua one of the most important gastronomic references in Madrid. In your letter we find proposals such as Passion for foie where we find passion fruit stuffed with caramelized foie mousse or the Papas and sweet potatoes “Papúa Colón”; to continue with some prawn ravioli like Joel Robuchon made with ingredients such as bouillabaisse, armagnac or black truffle or a steack tartar “Jules Verne” of old Galician blond cow with aromas of vine shoots.

Further, the cocktail bar It will have a fundamental role with more than twenty cocktails that inspire a trip around the world without leaving Madrid, traveling through the senses from Indonesia to the Caribbean; all of them served in a central circular bar that will give a lot to talk about.

La Maruca Castellana

The terrace area equipped
The area of ​​the conditioned terrace – © La Maruca

The number 212 of the Paseo de la Castellana houses the new branch of The Maruca, a food house with an honest culinary offer, excellent value for money and with the regularity that characterizes the Cañada Group.

A Paco Quiros Y Carlos Crespo, architects of Grupo Cañadío, are backed by nearly 40 years of experience in hospitality and the undeniable culinary solvency of its different brands. His maxim is “that the client repeat” and thus, La Maruca’s proposal is based on a product kitchen, with well-crafted homemade preparations and recipes that, despite being fully up-to-date, never go out of style.

In your letter There is no shortage of anchovies from Santoña with roasted peppers, squid from Santander, the terrine of foie with sobao pasiego, the broken eggs with picadillo de Potes or their Russian salad with anchovies. Also noteworthy are the tomato and Jarradilla cheese tartare, the fish soup served in two courses. Without forget their desserts such as the cheese cake or the lemon and meringue cake, both present in the group’s recipe book since the opening of Cañadío Santander in 1981.


One of the interior spaces of the restaurant located in the Four Seasons hotel
One of the interior spaces of the restaurant located in the Four Seasons hotel – © Óscar Romero

With more than 25 years of experience in the kitchen, Dani Garcia He has now proposed to conquer the sky of Madrid, with a restaurant with his own name on the seventh floor of the recently opened Four Seasons.

The proposal of the new Dani is a global vision of his cuisine, where creativity and technique coexist with a taste for traditional Andalusian recipes and the flavors that have marked his career over the years, wrapped in the indisputable duende of the creator of the “New Andalusian cuisine”.

A new place of pilgrimage, open continuously until midnight and whose culinary proposal has been personally designed by the chef himself, taking a tour of the most iconic dishes of his career. Thus, in its menu we find proposals such as Dani’s Tortilla, with caramelised onion and ‘queso blu di bufala’; Dani’s Burger Rossini made from old cow and Iberian secret with foie gras; its mythical nitro tomato with green gazpacho and shrimp tartare; the spicy free-range chicken stuffed with foie gras and truffle; or the carrot tartare with EVOO caviar and sunflower seeds.

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