Seven Valencian doctors are among the best fifty specialists and private doctors




A total of seven doctors from the Valencian Community, four from Valencia and three from Alicante, have been placed among the fifty specialists and private doctors «Top Doctors», In the seventh edition of this award, in which the doctors themselves recognize their colleagues for their training and clinical skills.

The assessment takes into account the doctors’ own reflection on which doctor they would go to or recommend to their friends or family, and also the opinions of the patients after contact or visit to the specialists, where they value aspects such as time, care or care received, as reported by Top Doctors in a statement.

The seven recognized specialists are the doctor Ana Maria Segura Cloths, specialist in Andrology; the psychiatrist Maria Angustias Oliveras and the traumatologist Pablo Martínez Pérez, all of them from Alicante. In Valencia, the dermatologist has been awarded Amparo Pérez Ferriols; to cardiologist Joaquina Belchi Navarro; to the neurosurgeon Carlos Botella-Asuncion already Jose Carlos Silvestre Navarro, specialist in General Surgery.

The award recognizes the work of specialists and doctors in the last year, valued by the medical group itself and specialists from each area, in charge of making the nomination through an open survey process aimed at registered professionals who want to participate.

All the doctors that are part of the platform have passed an external audit control and have been certified. In this edition, a total of 5,000 recommendations from professionals have been collected, of which the fifty most valued have been selected.

Madrid leads the ranking with more specialists, with ten, followed by Barcelona, ​​nine; Valencia, four; Seville, Malaga and Alicante with three; Zaragoza, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Murcia and Tenerife, with two and ten other provinces with a specialist selected in each.

«It is now the VII Edition of the Top Doctors Awards, and we are proud to award these awards, especially this year, in which we find it especially important to recognize the work of the experts, for their effort and dedication in one of the most difficult years for the health system in Spain “, said the CEO of Top Doctors, Alberto E. Porciani.

Among the most recommended medical specialties in private medicine, Traumatology (with ten professionals), Ophthalmology (five), Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology (five), Dermatology (four), Assisted Reproduction (three), Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (three) stand out. and Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, Urology, with two each, among others.

This year, for the first time since the Top Doctors Awards began, the number of medical specialists voted by the group itself is higher than in previous editions, with a total of fourteen women awarded. Also, the dermatologist Agustín Viera Ramírez wins the Top Doctors Awards for the fifth consecutive year and the orthopedic surgeon Mikel Sanchez by third.

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