Seville also savors a good Rioja

For the second time the bulls of Garcigrande and Domingo Hernández and it is justified as in a cooking recipe: half and half. They give excellent game, with a lot of mobility and nobility, those fought in second, third and fourth place; the other three are quite complicated. As can be seen, each of the three swords has a good bull to show their art: Diego Urdiales and Manzanares cut trophies; Ángel Jiménez, substitute for Pablo Aguado, also shines, without reaching the trophy. Despite the replacement, the square is full, there have been no refunds.

Diego Urdiales has managed to establish himself as a matador with a great classical style, whom I have seen resoundingly triumph in Bilbao but still

he has not achieved it in Seville. The first one comes out standing still, raises protests but, as expected, he grows up in rods, knocks down the picador three times and comes out of naja: he is simply a meek bull, reserved, with power. Toast Urdiales to his banderillero Juan Carlos Tirado, who is retiring, this afternoon. He takes out some right hands naturally, something annoying because of the wind; on the left, the bull is not left. It is the task of a veteran right-hander, he does not trust himself at all but shows knowledge, good style and resources.

Fortunately, a much better game gives the fourth, ‘French’ by name. (I hope that this does not lead to a diplomatic conflict: the powers of the mayor of Gijón do not reach the neighboring country). Draw Diego lveronica entas output. The bull takes time to define himself – he protests on sticks, he bellows continuously – but he plays well on the crutch. Urdiales draws impeccable crutches, with naturalness and good taste, taking advantage of the quality of the attacks. The classic, exquisite task puts the audience on their feet. He concludes with the very natural Sevillians in front, like Manolo Vázquez, and achieves a great lunge, turning over: two ears.

For the third time at this Fair, act Jose Maria Manzanares, so dear here. In the previous two afternoons, he cut a trophy but it was mainly thanks to his almost infallible sword, without reaching the level of his great triumphs. The second bull, ‘Audaz’ – like the Knight of the journalistic interviews – is open with pythons, feote, but it charges with great nobility. (The workmanship is not infallible). Trace José María soft veronicas, Paco María bites well. The bull comes early and happy, it allows him to compose the figure with his personal packaging. The changes of hand, house brand, and some natural ones are applauded, totally emptying the onslaught. Citing to receive, he bursts the bull with a lunge up to the hand.

The fifth comes out loose and with many feet. My neighbor remembers the ad for Cola Cao on the radio: «And if the cyclist takes it, he becomes the master of the track …» He blasts heavily on flags and Duarte nails a great pair. The right-hander soon puts him on the crutch, linking circles, but the bull cracks. Surprisingly, a cattle that ran so much stops completely: it has finished the deposit of bravery. He ends up fleeing to tables, where supreme luck is not easy.

The substitution of Pablo Aguado, not easy (some possible candidates were fighting this afternoon). The company chose the Ecijano Ángel Jiménez, little known by the general public, but who could attract his countrymen. A week ago, who was going to tell you that you were going to be on the posters of this Fair? He took the alternative successfully in the last San Miguel, a couple of years ago. The problem is that, since then, he has fought very little. The Latinos painted the goddess Fortuna with only a lock of hair: you have to hold it tightly, when it passes in front of you …

He receives the third party with ease and pleasure, as if he were very pleased; gallea by chicuelinas. Chacón shines in two great pairs, with the four sticks stuck in a small dog. Toast the other matadors and start Angel with Sevillian art and claw: in the second series, the music already sounds. Then, he gets a bit confused, by the desire, the need to succeed and the scarce job. He adorns himself with paintwork and grabs the thrust to the second. He has eagerly sought success and has shown that he has good manners.

The sixth stops in the middle, protests, charges in waves, flees to pens. In the first crutches, defeat by high, puts the pythons at eye level. The right-handed young man is justified by swallowing a lot and taking a lucid pass. It has scared us. Kill with ease.

There has been no ‘hangover’ but a run of interest. I highlight the bullfighting of Diego Urdiales, which has finally managed to enter this Plaza. Even if you drink chamomile and odorous here, you can also appreciate the smooth and mature flavor, at the same time, of a good Rioja.

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