She leaves her two-year-old son wet and wet from the rain in a patio to go to the dentist in Elche




A mother has been detained in Elche by leave to its son two years closed in the lighthouse of a house wet by rain and your own urine, crying alone under an umbrella, as reported by municipal sources about the intervention of the Local Police. She is accused of an alleged crime of abandonment of a minor.

It happened around 12 noon on November 27 when a neighborhood notice was received warning of the crying of a young child for about an hour, a situation that drew attention as “anomalous” to the people who alerted to the police.

A Territorial Unit of Local Police went to the place, where it was able to confirm the crying coming from a patio of lights. With the collaboration of one of the neighboring neighbors and the help of a ladder, they verified the presence of a minor, about two or three years old, who was in pajamas, under a umbrella from playa and on a pet mat, wet from the recent rain and his own urine.

The child was “clearly nervous and shaky” at the cold, so one of the agents accessed the patio to help him. Due to the young age of the minor, it was not possible for him to explain how he got there and why. The policeman took the boy out of the place to be properly attended to by the other component of the patrol.

The agent who was in the courtyard tried to access the house to clarify what happened and in case there was a risk to third parties, but the access door and windows were closed.

Sleeping brother

Through one of the windows he saw a 17-year-old boy sleeping and, after being able to wake him up, the young man told them that he did not know that his brother was crying and that he did not know the whereabouts of his mother, while he assumed that his father would be there working. It was also found that the door access to the patio of lights was stuck with furniture and windows closed from the inside.

While the police force was taking steps to locate the parents of the minors, the mother with another of her children appeared at the house. The woman, who explained that she had come to the dentist And she did not know what had happened, she was arrested for a crime of abandonment of minors.

The child was transferred to a health center for medical evaluation, which determined that he was in good condition and was later transferred to the Provincial Home by an endowment of the Unit for Minors and Vulnerable People (UMEV) and the rest was left to the grandparents.

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