Shot by shot, row against the current and jump from TV to cinema with the kidnapping of Pampliega by Al Qaeda




After a decade dedicated to the production of fiction for television, with series such as “The Prince” and “Serve and Protect”, Plano a Plano makes the leap to cinema and faces 2021 with two projects for the big screen. “Is a natural evolution of the company if we take into account my professional career, with almost thirty titles behind me for more than twenty years dedicated to this sector “, he assures Cesar Benitez, president of the production company.

«During these more than ten years, Plano a Plano has remained the first independent production company, making our expansion coincide with the boom of the series in Spanish and, once consolidated with titles and projects with all the chains and platforms that operate in Spain, it is time to embrace new spheres of activity ”, adds the manager.

The first film project will be the film «In the dark», already in pre-production, based on the novel by the same name. Antonio Pampliega about the 10-month kidnapping that this Spanish reporter lived at the hands of Al Qaeda. The film, which will be directed by Norberto López Amado («They look at us», «Hernán»), has the advice of Pampliega himself and, among the filming difficulties, the body transformation that the protagonist will have to undergo is included to reflect the weight of the journalist before his kidnapping (120 kilos) as well as the physical deterioration after the months of captivity in Syria.

Plano a Plano is closing the main cast of this film. «We have been cherishing the idea of ​​producing cinema for a long time and I think we are going to debut with the perfect project“, Explain Emilio Amaré, CEO of the company. “This story allows us to enter through the front door and do so with a story full of emotion and truth that is a lesson in life and faith and that shows how far human beings can go in order to achieve freedom,” he adds. Filming is scheduled to begin during the first half of the year.

In parallel, Plano a Plano is also working on another “ambitious” project, to be shot in Kazakhstan. Benito zambrano (“Solas”) will tell the story of the hundreds of Spaniards who were interned in concentration camps in the then Soviet country after the Spanish Civil Warto. The production is scheduled to begin filming next summer, as the region’s low temperatures would make it difficult to film there at another time of year.

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