Six tips for carpooling with your dog this summer




It has been months of long waiting and the time has come – always with caution – to take a few days off and take that family trip that could not be carried out during the year. The pet is one more member and when these dates arrive, many families look for the best option to travel with their best friend to share those moments of leisure and relaxation with them. One of the alternatives that are gaining popularity to travel at this time with your pet is the shared car.

According to data from BlaBlaCar, the shared ride platform, 72% of its drivers agree to take their shared rides with pets. According to Statista – online statistics portal – in 2019, 26% of Spanish families have at least one dog in their family unit; from them, 35% make at least two trips with them and 45% say they travel at least 3 to 6 times a year. Here are a series of recommendations that should be taken into account when making the decision to travel with your dog in a shared car.

Six tips

Plan and inform in advance of the trip with your pet. As soon as you decide to travel with a dog in a shared car, you have to take into account a number of issues before starting the trip to ensure that conditions are optimal for everyone. In this sense, before booking, it is advisable to check your travel preferences in detail. In addition, it is important that both the driver and the passengers are informed about the presence of pets in the car to ensure that there are no problems. Finally, when everything is closed between travelers, you have to reserve the number of places that will be occupied in the car, taking into account the size of the dog.

Security systems and regulations for traveling with dogs. To carry out a safe trip in a shared car, knowing the rules and safety systems of pets is very important. In fact, according to DGT data, 89% of pets travel in tourism and 50% of those responsible do not know the safety regulations for traveling with these pets. In order to travel correctly by car with a dog and that the animal does not interfere with driving, or cause damage to the other occupants in the event of sudden braking or movements, the DGT recommends the use of the harness during the trip.

This is one of the main safety measures for dogs to be restrained by the seat belt and not through the use of leashes that do not retain well and pose a risk to both pets and passengers. On the other hand, another safety mechanism is the carrier. This can be an option to travel in the trunk (as long as it meets adequate ventilation conditions) – depending on the size – or on the floor of the shared car, made of hard material and placed perpendicular to the direction of travel.

The most recommended thing is that it is located as close as possible to the backrest to ensure a much more stable and safe trip. Finally, it is also possible to use the dividing grid, a very useful network for vehicles with a hatchback or family cars that ensure the correct restraint and division between the dog and the members of the shared ride.

Prepare the pet for the trip. It is important to plan and carry out different aspects so that pets travel calmly and safely without intervening in the shared journey. To do this, before the trip, it is advisable to take a long walk, as well as offer light meals, so that the dogs are rested, calm and relaxed during the journey.

Correct ventilation and not very loud music. During the trip, it is necessary to try to maintain correct ventilation of the vehicle to ensure the pet’s tranquility when traveling in high temperatures, as well as to agree among all the travelers the volume of the music so as not to alter the animal at the same time. along the way.

Documentation at hand and in order. It is essential to keep the animal’s documents up to date by hand in case any problem arises. You must also have a container with fresh water for proper hydration during breaks during the journey. In addition, Purina -through the campaign «Traveling together is Better» to promote and facilitate trips with pets in which BlaBlaCar also participates- recommends carrying a toy and «dog treats» during the journey to make the journey more bearable in sections that may be restless.

Moments of “stretching the legs.” Do not make the journey in one go. Making stops along the way will allow you to make an effective and quiet trip with your pet as they prevent them from getting nervous inside the car. It is necessary to plan between all the members of the shared trip the stops to make to rest and take the air.

In this sense, it is advisable to stop every two hours so that the pet can rest and continue the shared trip efficiently. Luckily, little by little there are more service areas adapted to traveling with pets to be able to make a stop and for the animal to take a little walk. In the same sense, taking into account the high temperatures of summer, it is the ideal time to take advantage of these moments to hydrate the pets before starting the march again.

Finally, we do not want to forget that during the stops of the members of the trip, a dog should not be left in the car in summer, since during this time the temperature inside the car increases and they can suffer a heat stroke, so it is recommended that you always get out of the car with the passengers … since you are one of the group.

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