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TikTok is the social network of the moment. More than one may not have heard of it (who knows!), But possibly many teenagers are currently looking at this controversial application that has caused a sensation in recent years. A service specialized in microvideos that, however, has begun to worry parents due to the continuous exhibitionism that occurs between the four walls of the mobile.

In order to establish better filters, the company owned by ByteDance, a parent company based in Beijing, China, has introduced new parental controls for «Achieving a balance between safety and autonomy» of adolescents. The platform insists in a statement that the reason for its new functions is “to create a positive, safe environment that encourages self-expression.”

Enclosed within the Family Synchronization Mode, the service allows parents to link their accounts with that of their children to enable a selection of content and privacy settings in order to prevent them from being “sneaked in” inappropriate videos for their age as risque videos that exploit the sexual characteristics of users. From the profile, parents can guide their child’s browsing experience thanks to a series of privacy tools.

From monitoring time to vetting videos

One of them is called “Search”, which allows you to decide if your child can search for content, users, “hashtags” (tags) or sounds, thus preventing them from accessing inappropriate content. Another function is designed to manage screen time. TikTok consumption among young people has exploded during the pandemic and now It is close to the average of the until now queen application of the videos, YouTube. In such a way that users with teenagers in their care will be able to control how much time can spend each day.

One of the most interesting features is the “Restricted Mode”. By activating it, you can restrict the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for a general audience on the update wall. “For You” is another option added to the catalog. The idea is that, as young people begin to build their online presence, it is important to equip families with tools so that parents and their children can set limits together.

The extension of TikTok’s Family Sync Mode also includes other aspects related to the interactivity of the community of followers. Parents can decide who can comment on their children’s videos (everyone, just friends, no one), choose if the account is private (only your child decides who can see their account) or if it is public (everyone can search and see its content).

Also control direct messages

They can also choose who can see the videos that your child has liked. A very important option is that, from now on, they can block direct messages: the function restricts who can send messages to your child. Direct messages are disabled for children under 16 years old: only approved followers can send messages and also, no photos or videos can be sent, but the minimum age can actually be falsified.

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