Socuéllamos does not react in Melilla



UD Socuéllamos lost 0-1 to UD Melilla, in a match that was marked by the expulsion, with a double yellow card, of Berruezo in minute 47. The Socuellamino team had to row against the current throughout the second half against a adversary of great potential and veteran.

The first half was an offensive game, which led to a significant number of scoring chances for both teams. In this way, UD Melilla was able to take the lead in the 31st minute: a powerful free-kick, from the edge of the area and launched by Borja Díaz, had to hastily reject goalkeeper Javi Sánchez and send the ball to corner kick.

The visitors also enjoyed a good goal option in the 38th minute, when Borja Díaz shot as a good option, but again Javi Sánchez saved the furniture for the locals.

The posts prevented the goal from La Mancha on two occasions. Thus, in the 31st minute, Antonio Megías was finished off with a splendid header by a lateral and far center, but the ball crashed into a visiting goalpost. And in minute 42 it was Luis Lara who hooked a violent volley from the edge of the area and took the ball to the Melilla squad.

After the break, in minute 47 Berruezo touched the ball with his arm in the local area and the referee decreed a maximum penalty and the expulsion of the home defender for a double yellow. The penalty was scored by Borja Díaz and the 0-1 went up to the scoreboard.

The rest of the match was a want and not power of UD Socuéllamos against a rival who played with great intelligence in this match, in which the hellinero coach Joaquín Moreno Verdú debuted on the local bench, Josico.

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