«Sodebo Ultim 3» advances in the southern hemisphere with an advantage of only 80 miles

Vigo (Pontevedra)



This is the sixth day aboard the «Sodebo Ultim 3» since they have set sail from Ouessant in search of a best round the world record Jules Verne Trophy, and the crew led by Thomas Coville trying to descend as quickly as possible towards the roaring forty Atlantic .

“On board, the program for today is to maintain an average speed of 20 knots after crossing the doldrums with a moderate wind from the southeast. Gain southern latitude parallel to the coast of Brazil, negotiate the possible passage of the anticyclone to reach Cape Agulhas, which marks the entry into the Indian Ocean, ”commented Thomas Coville. “Now we have found our rhythm, we feel that everyone is more comfortable in their guards; last night (Sunday to Monday), we were all a bit knocked out because we had worked a lot in the Doldrums, it is not easy to sleep during the day, it is very hot inside. But everything is fine, we don’t have big breaks, just a little DIY, and in this case, we have our McGyver (the captain of the ship François Duguet), who, as soon as there is a little less wind, takes out the toolbox “.

The crossing of the Tropical Convergence Zone has been slower than expected for Coville and the crew. On the 6th North parallel they began to decelerate when they accumulated an advantage of 124 miles on the route of the “IDEC Sport” carried out in 2017. The width of the doldrums extended more than 325 miles to the Equator, a section on which they had to perform infinite gybes. Finally, at 12:45 pm on Monday, November 30, 2020, the “Sodebo Ultim 3” was in the southern hemisphere after 5 days 9 hours and 50 minutes from departure.

Joy on board, for Thomas Coville: “We had to maneuver a lot to get out of this transition zone that often determines many things. However, we came out with a small advantage over “IDEC Sport”. The rest, throughout Brazil, will be the part that, I think, will be the easiest of this round the world. Now is the time to recover and prepare well for the deep south… As a skipper, I have to push the crew to steer the ship to make it work well. My goal during these five days was to create a dynamic for everyone to find their rhythm and their place. That is why I made the decision to be off guard, to almost never carry the wheel, to leave many responsibilities and initiatives to everyone. I think it made the guys feel more secure. ”

The time spent between Ouessant and Ecuador by the «Sodebo Ultim 3» has been 13:53 hours below the record held by the «Spindrit 2» since 2019 in 4 days 19 hours and 57 minutes. And between Ouessant and Cape of Good Hope it is still 11 days 21 hours 48 hours established by the Maxi Banque Populaire in 2011 skippered by Loïck Peyron.

With these numbers the «Sodebo Ultim 3» has 6 days and 11:58 hours to carry out Good Hope from Ecuador, a route of 4,400 miles when today it is 3,700 miles from the South African Cape.

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