“Some mean so much cologne that they should bottle it and sell it”




This week, Carolina Herrera (81 years old) has become a “trending topic” on social networks and not precisely to praise his work. The designer offered some unfortunate statements during an interview that she gave two years ago to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” and that a few days ago she had rescued the magazine “Vanidades”.

During the interview, the Venezuelan dressmaker assured that “only women without class have long hair from the age of 40”, something that did not sit well with the users of social networks, who soon flooded Twitter with criticism, accusations and comments such as «The Carolina Herrera thing is a sexist comment. Each person who wears their hair as they want »,« There were always people with class and kinds of people and their kind are so poor that they only have money »or« It is her opinion, I think her short hair suits her very well. but I like having long hair and I don’t care if it doesn’t look elegant. When I want to cut it, I will not hesitate and if someone says that it does not suit me, I will not care about their opinion “, were just some of the comments that were written against the designer.

These criticisms have also been joined Susanna Griso (51 years). The presenter of “Public Mirror” has taken advantage of the visibility of her program to respond to Carolina Herrera after her controversial statements. «Elegance is treating people with humility, wherever they are from and whatever social class they come from. There are some who mean so much cologne that they should bottle it and sell it, ”she said, visibly upset.

Neither bikinis nor jeans

And is that during the interview, the designer not only dared to judge women over 40 with long hair, but also believed that they should not wear certain clothes after that age. «Mini skirts are for young girls, as are bikinis. I left them in the late 40s, early 50s. And I don’t wear jeans because they are for young people “, and added:” The worst thing is the women who come out almost naked. The ‘influencer’ do not mark the style of fashion, they only have the style of money.

Crmen Lomana on the beach
Crmen Lomana on the beach – Gtres

Faced with these statements, Susanna Griso shared the opinion of Carmen Lomana (72 years old), who assured that she had received many criticisms throughout her life for continuing to wear a bikini instead of a swimsuit. «Many of 18 would like to have my body. It is not a question of age, it is a question of not having parrots. I wear whatever I want ”, a statement that was highly applauded by the presenter and the program’s collaborators.

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