Spain, a renewal to excite in the World Cup



The Spanish futsal team will begin its journey today in the World Cup hosting Lithuania until next October 3. She does not arrive as on previous occasions as one of the main candidates for the title, but she does not rule out her options to reign again as she did in 2000 and 2004.

The double world champion and finalist against Brazil in 2008 and 2012 He arrives at the appointment after undertaking the necessary renovation and after not having had such a successful cycle in recent years. Thus, his elimination in the quarterfinals of the last World Cup match against Russia, joins that neither could he win the continental title in 2018 by losing to Portugal.

Months after losing the European final, José Venancio López ended his career of more than a decade at the helm of the European seven-time champion and the arrival to the bench of Faith Vidal, which will premiere at a major international event, also a year late due to the coronavirus.

Spain was framed in Group E of the tournament together with Paraguay, Japan and Angola, and should be the favorite to pass as first, which would guarantee a more affordable crossing in the round of 16, since being second could condemn her to be measured at Argentina, current champion.

Thus, it seems key to win today (5:00 pm, GOAL) the always difficult debut against a tough and competitive rival like the Paraguayan team to go without urgency against the Japanese and Angolans, theoretically inferior to the Spanish.

Fede Vidal himself stressed the importance of the debut against Paraguay, a very competitive rival. “It’s going to make things very difficult for us and I’m sure it’s going to be an even game. It is our first game and we have to go in with everything from the beginning to get that first victory which is fundamental. You have to start with one hundred percent intensity and attitude, “he stressed in statements to ‘’.

National futsal is examined in Lithuania and he will do it with a very renewed team where veterans still remain as the closing Carlos Ortiz, captain and leader since his two hundred caps, the goalkeepers Juanjo Angosto and Jesús Herrero, the scorer Raúl Campos and the closing Bebe, who were already in the 2016 World Cup, while others like Adolfo, Tolrá and Solano they already lived the last European.

Anyway, Fede Vidal has found new values ​​like Nicked and Chinese, two players with a lot of individual talent together with a veteran like Adri, and who together with Borja Díaz, Raúl Gómez, Sergio González and goalkeeper Dídac They are the new faces with which the national team aspires to once again rub shoulders with the best.

The preparation has included victories against theoretically inferior rivals such as Uzbekistan, twice and 1-0, Japan (2-0), Vietnam (4-0) and Latvia (11-0), while there was a draw (4-4) against Argentina, in what was the greatest test for the double world champion.

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