Spain has issued almost two million Covid certificates in two weeks, how can this be achieved?



It has been only two weeks since there is a chance to get a Covid passport in Spain Y almost two million people have theirs. Since its entry into force, more than 1.8 million Covid-19 digital certificates have been issued in Spain, the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, said at a press conference on Monday.

Its official entry into the European Union will take place on Thursday, July 1, but Spain moved forward 20 days to streamline the procedures so that once it is mandatory, everything is in order.

What information does the Covid Certificate contain?

It certifies that a person has vaccinated, has overcome the disease or have a negative diagnostic test. The Ministry of Health explains that it is a “totally secure” document and that it “respects privacy”, since the data remains in the certificate and is not stored or retained when a Certificate is verified in another Member State.

In addition to the information provided, it contains data necessary for identification such as the holder’s name, date of birth, date of issuance of the certificate, relevant information on the vaccine, proof diagnosis or recovery and a unique identifier.

How is the data displayed?

Each certificate generates a QR code that makes it easy to read. It can be obtained both in electronic and paper format and is completely free.

Is it mandatory?

It is not mandatory to have a Covid certificate, but it is recommended. Without this document you can travel within the European Union complying with health requirements, but the process of entering the country will be slower and additional measures may be established, such as tests and quarantines.

How can you get the certificate?

The certificate can be issued by autonomous communities. According to Health, it may be issued, for example, by hospitals, testing centers, health centers or health ministries and the process is different depending on each one.

In addition, the Ministry has enabled a electronic procedure for the request and issuance of these certificates. To achieve this, it is necessary to have the digital Certificate or permanent Cl @ ve active.

Is it valid outside the European Union?

For now, the Digital Certificate It is only valid between the different States that make up the European Union.

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