Stabilized the fire between Navarra and Guipúzcoa




“At the moment we are working with technical fire on the only active fire front in the area of Navarra. On all other fronts we are in the phase of liquidation and control, and it is probable that from this afternoon the weather will favor the extinction work. “ Firefighters of Navarra He thus informed through his twitter after 2:00 p.m. of the situation in which the fire that struck the North of the Foral Community yesterday, in the area of Bera and Lesaka, especially, although there were also outbreaks in Oronoz-Mugaire and Amaiur. The flames, in the first evaluations have affected more than 1,600 hectares in Navarra and at least 300 others in the area of Guipúzcoa adjacent to this area of ​​the border between both communities.

The Guipúzcoa Provincial Council has also reported that the fire registered this past Saturday in Bera (Navarra)) and that is already stabilized, has burned more than 300 hectares in Guipúzcoa, although the situation is already “better”. The Spokesperson for the Provincial Council and regional deputy for Governance, Eider Mendoza, has moved this Sunday to the Behobia neighborhood in the Gipuzkoan town of Irún, how have they done the Vice-Lehendakari and Basque Security Councilor, Josu Erkoreka, Y the mayor of Irún, José Antonio Santano, to know the evolution of the situation.

Mendoza has pointed out that 40 firefighters, firefighters and forest rangers work on the ground. “The 38 evicted villages are out of danger and, little by little, their inhabitants have begun to return to their homes,” he pointed out, adding that “at the moment, the main actions are concentrated in the area of Pagogaina, close to Endarlatsa“.

Mendoza, at the mobile command post installed in the Zaisa de Irún industrial estate, explained that “the situation remains stable this midday and, for the afternoon, a change in the direction of the wind and rain is expected”, which “without It will certainly help in the work of extinguishing the fire. “

Likewise, he thanked the shared effort that firefighters, forest rangers, Civil Protection, Ertzaintza, Irun City Council, Basque Government, Red Cross and DYA Guipúzcoa, as well as all the people involved in the fight against fire

For its part, Government of Navarra also reported that the fire is stabilized, although not yet controlled because hot spots remain from which it could be rekindled, especially on the border between Navarra and Gipuzkoa in Lesaka, as discussed at the meeting held this morning by the Emergency Advisory Committee (CAE) in which the President María Chivite. The persistence of strong gusts of wind have prevented the intervention of aerial means, and the meteorological forecast announces weak rainfall in the area that, if confirmed, would make possible the deactivation of Level 2 of the Emergency Plan for Risk of Forest Fires and the removal of the troops displaced by the Military Emergency Unit (UME).

After the one that took place yesterday, the FALLS OFF has held another meeting in which the general director of the Interior, Amparo López; the director of the Civil Protection Service, José Javier Boulandier, and representatives of Environment Service, Foral Police and SOS Navarra. Telematically, in addition to the President of Navarra, the director of the Fire Service, Francisco Baldanta; the lieutenant colonel in charge of the UME and representatives of the Government Delegation and the Civil Guard.

Coordinated operation

Throughout the session, the operation of the operation deployed when the fire was declared and the measures that have been taken have been evaluated. In this sense, it has been highlighted that despite intervening resources from three different territories –Navarra, Gipuzkoa and France, Besides the UME– Collaboration has been constant and effective so that the troops have been distributed to attack the various fronts. President Chivite has reported that the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, had been interested in the situation and about the possible need for more state resources, and had also had a conversation with the Lehendakari Íñigo Urkullu in which both had positively valued the operational coordination of the resources of both communities. Maria Chivite He has again thanked the efforts of all the participants in the work of extinguishing the fire.

The joint planning of the actions has made it possible to stabilize the fire during the night and control some flanks, such as that of Baztan assigned to UME or the one in the north where the firefighters of several Navarrese parks that were out of service worked and have responded to the call of those responsible for the service, which sought to preserve the daily shifts in the parks in case other fires were declared as happened yesterday. He also works in the personal area of ​​the Forest Nursery and agents of Foral Police and Civil Guard, in addition to volunteers from CruzRoja.

A first assessment carried out with approximate calculations indicated that some 1,600 hectares had already burned early this morning, although it will not be possible to be certain of the burned area or the degree of damage to vegetation and trees – especially pastures, scrub and repopulations- until the area cannot be recognized from the air. Given the possibility that the force of the wind would diminish yesterday, the Ministry for Ecological Transition the dispatch of aerial means to which the helicopters of the Government of Navarra, But as happened yesterday, the meteorological conditions necessary to be able to fly safely have not occurred.

No person has been injured, and no damage has been reported to homes or villages. After the traffic problems registered yesterday by the presence of trucks in the N-121-A, who were evacuated by Foral Police and Civil GuardHe, early this morning has been normalized in traffic on the highway of Pamplona to Behovia.

The rain that could fall this afternoon in the area could allow the lifting of Level 2 of the Emergency Plan for the Risk of Forest Fires, activated yesterday when it was verified that the fire could not be stopped only with the means of the Foral Community and by the existing risk for people. It would also make possible the withdrawal of the troops from the UME, who perform auction and refreshment tasks in the burned area by the front of Bera.

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