Stars of world padel will meet in Albacete the last week of September on the World Padel Tour




The orange caravan arrives in Albacete in what will be its fifth and penultimate stop of the World Padel Tour circuit, which from September 27 to October 3 will bring together the stars of world padel in the capital.

It will be a “historic milestone” for the city and the region, which is hosting an event of this category for the first time. “It is the largest padel event that has ever been proposed in Castilla-La Mancha, the community has never had a World Padel Tour test, it is a project that began in 2018 and three years later it is a reality,” the president celebrated of the Paddle Federation of Castila-La Mancha, José Nieto.

There will be two stages, the municipal courts of Carlos Belmonte, which will be the club-headquarters, and a central court in the Plaza de Toros that, according to the mayor, Emilio Sáez, «will be very remembered in time for paddle lovers ».

In total, 96 male and 56 female couples will meet, competing from the couple 13 of boys and 9 of girls in the world, both inclusive, with athletes of the stature of Carla Serrano, Toni Cardona, Tamara del Pino, Luis Chacón or Sergio Arias, among others.

The previews will be played in the tracks of Carlos Belmonte And, as of Thursday, September 30, the eighth will begin in the Plaza de Toros. The quarterfinals will be played on Friday, the semis on Saturday and the finals on Sunday.

The matches can also be followed through the World Padel Tour YouTube channel. «So fans will be able to see paddle events not only in Madrid, Cascais, Sardinia and Barcelona, ​​but also here, in Albacete, where we will implant our orange heart in the Plaza de Toros, ‘La Chata’, which will surely be a landmark incomparable “, explained the president and founder of Ultimate Paddle Company (UPC), Jesús Ferrer, who highlighted the relevance of the capital as” a modern, university, industrial, fair and very well communicated city, active and with a lot of drive ” , which will allow you to enjoy “the best paddle tennis in the world.”

For his part, the mayor has reiterated the City Council’s commitment to this and other sports, stating that “Albacete has been betting for some time to be a city of sports and host the maximum possible competitions, as we did with the King’s Cups rugby and wheelchair basketball, or international golf and tennis tournaments ”, a sports bet with a significant economic impact for the city.

Sáez has encouraged all fans to attend and practice this sport “in the more than 100 paddle tennis courts that the city has.” Tickets are on sale now through

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