Sturgeon promises a new independence referendum after the Scottish elections in May

Scottish leader announces one-time payment of £ 500 for Scottish health personnel


The Scottish Chief Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Nicola Sturgeon, has promised this Monday that there will be a new independence referendum for Scotland at the “beginning” of the next term of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the elections scheduled for 6 May 2021.

“In those elections, I am going to ask your authority, yours and that of no one else, for a referendum on legal independence to be held at the beginning of the new legislature,” Sturgeon said during the SNP annual congress, held this Monday in a telematics.

“Who is best placed to lead Scotland’s recovery and build a better future? The Westminster governments (the British Parliament) that we have not voted for? Or the independent Scottish governments or whatever party we have chosen in mind the heart in the best for Scotland? “, has raised Sturgeon. We should trust in what is possible if we take our future in our hands, has riveted.

In addition, the Scottish independence leader has stated that the campaign for independence does not distract from the fight against the coronavirus. “Independence is not a distraction for post-COVID reconstruction, it is essential to do it well,” he said.

In particular, he has referred to the “Boris Johnson gang of Brexiters” who make decisions on behalf of the Scots versus the option of an “internationalist, outward-looking” SNP government.

In response, the Scottish unionist opposition has accused Sturgeon of pushing for a “dividend referendum” and of focusing on independence rather than the current pandemic. “It is completely disconnected from the people of all Scotland”, has reproached the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Douglas Ross.


On the other hand, Sturgeon has announced an extraordinary pay of 500 pounds (about 558 euros) as a thank you to health and social services workers for their “extraordinary service” and their response to the coronavirus pandemic. Staff with part-time shifts will receive the pro rata share.

The Scottish leader has asked for an “applause for those who take care of us” and has stressed that these applause “is never enough”, so there must be a “more tangible” thanks with this payment that will materialize before the end of this fiscal year .

“Of course it remains that this payment does not come close to being able to express our absolute admiration for those who have taken care of us so heroically, but it is a demonstration of what we collectively owe you, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the sacrifices you have made,” he said. argued. In that sense, he has asked the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that this payment be tax-free.

Some 300,000 doctors, nurses, orderlies and social workers are expected to benefit from this measure, which will cost about 180 million pounds.

In addition, Sturgeon has announced soft loans of 100 pounds so that Scottish households can “pay fuel bills and their children do not go hungry” this Christmas.

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