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“Innovative solutions that exceed what customers ask of us”, is how he defines Antonio Martinez Andreo, general manager de Airtificial Intelligent Robots, the job of the company that has just been named ‘SME of the Year’ in the VII Edition of the Cepyume Awards, awards that recognize the effort and work of small and medium-sized companies in 2020. Created in Manresa (Barcelona) in 1998 by “a group of determined engineers with a vision of the future”, the company focuses its activity on the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for testing and assembly systems for the main manufacturers of automotive components and other industrial sectors, integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics and vision, among others. Solutions that are integrated and adapted according to the manufacturing processes.

Antonio Martinez Andreo
Antonio Martinez Andreo

Throughout all these years the company has been changing “but always with the clear objective of being competitive by being different from the rest,” says its manager, who joined the company 10 years ago. «We look for this differential in the technological innovation outwards and inwards, focused on excellence with a highly qualified team ”, he adds. They have been growing and are already an international company with a plant in Mexico, offices in the United States as well as being present in Poland, China and India, this last delegation opened in 2020. «Our differential is not only in innovation but also in being where the client needs us, which makes us it demands a lot, ”says Martínez.

They currently form a global team of 200 employees and have established themselves as an international benchmark in the automotive sector. Since 2018 they are part of the Airtificial Group, a multinational company based in Spain and listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. “In the last four years we have grown 62% organically and in 2020, despite Covid-19, we have a turnover of almost 42 million euros,” explains the manager. Their growth plan establishes an annual increase of between 10 and 12% and they count among their clients the main companies in the automotive sector worldwide.


The business model is based on an approach oriented towards maximum competitiveness through its differential aspects: global strategy, continuous innovation, partnership engineering, project management, technical strength and leadership. They bet and invest in continuous innovation in order to increase their product portfolio. “We have invested a lot in artificial intelligence, in software and ‘machine learning’. We are always up to date, “says Antonio Martínez. Its software allows its clients to have an exact status of the production, messaging and artificial intelligence modules to anticipate failures and avoid unscheduled stops. “The outstanding growth of robotics and the automation of industrial processes also implies the need for a cultural change towards collaborative processes and a different man-machine relationship,” he clarifies.

Covid-19 has little affected the results of Airtificial Intelligent Robots although they acknowledge that “it has been hard.” They have been able to restructure to meet the needs of customers “And we have come out stronger, it has been confirmed that our strategy followed is the right one,” says Martínez. With the pandemic they have realized that “customers want something global but that you have real capacity wherever you are,” he adds.

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