Tamara and Bustamante bathe the premiere of ‘MasterChef’ in tears



Five actresses and one actor (Carmina Barrios, Victoria April, Veronica Forqué, Bethlehem Lopez, Vanesa Romero e Ivan Sanchez), four singers (David bustamante, Tamara -The good one-, the rapper Arkano and the cuban Yotuel), four presenters (Juanma Castaño, Terelu Campos, Miki Nadal and Julian Iantzi), a fashion designer who became famous on TV (Eduardo Navarrete) and a “queen of the underworld” who became famous on You Tube (the performer Samantha Hudson) composed the initial casting of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’. This is how the latter summed it up, bringing the ember to her sardine: “We are all very uninhibited transvestites, that is ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6′”.

There was a lot of emphasis at various times during the night on the excellence of the cast. “This year we have the most powerful casting,” he went on to say. Jordi Cruz, usually critical (not in this case). The truth is that it is not the most powerful. There are famous people in his house at lunchtime. And another that is famous in the networks when it comes to tweeting.

The omnipresent aspirant – whose mission is to fill the program’s breaks with female artists – was last year the comedian Flo. In this edition it seems that this role will fall, unfortunately, on the rapper Arkano, a nice kid who improvises rhymes that are much less celebrated in Spanish houses than on the set of the contest (he himself recognized his “a little simple” meter). The boy lavished himself so much, and so heavily, that we were even grateful for the songs of David bustamante, singing as always and still wearing the wonderful tip with which he left ‘The challenge’, that Antena 3 contest where he had gotten more overweight than Homer simpson to his post birthday.

Terelu, on a roll

The first test consisted of one of the applicants having to make the favorite dish –or the one they thought was the favorite– of their couple of stoves.

Verónica Forqué, Carmina Barrios and Victoria Abril, 'The Golden Girls' from 'MasterChef Celebrity'
Verónica Forqué, Carmina Barrios and Victoria Abril, ‘The Golden Girls’ from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ – RTVE

They liked the proposals of Veronica Forqué (rice pudding), Terelu Campos (monkfish meatloaf) and Julian Iantzi (hake in green sauce). “I’m dying for your rice,” he said Samantha Vallejo Nágera from the plate of one of the protagonists of the Almodovariana ‘Peek’ -other, Victoria AprilHe was also on the stove. We already knew about Terelu that he has a hand, because not in vain does he come from winning ‘Come have dinner with me’, where he shared space with Tamara –the bad one–. The daughter of Maria Teresa Campos, who is on a roll, took the silver medal. The golden one was for him Julian.

There was a double slap on the wrist from the chefs: for Miki Nadal (her plate could not be eaten) e Ivan Sanchez (He forgot to take the main ingredient, rice, in the supermarket).

Exteriors in Segovia

The chefs wanted to delve into the wound and appointed captains of the outdoor test to Miki e Ivan. Had as frame Segovia, where they had to cook an avant-garde Segovian menu, signed by Oscar Velasco and consisting of 600 servings for 150 diners.

Miki Nadal led the red team, consisting of Veronica Forqué, Julián Iantzi, Samantha Hudson, Bethlehem Lopez, David bustamante, Yotuel and Victoria April, who took advantage of a comment from his captain to poke
Pedro Almodovar

Ivan Sanchez led the blue, composed of Carmina Barrios, Eduardo Navarrete, Vanesa Romero, Juanma Castaño, Tamara, Terelu Campos and Arkano.

The blue one had to make the starter (trout salad, cold ginger and citrus pickle, roasted apple and spinach puree) and the second (fried suckling pig rolls, red onion, avocado, mint and coriander). Misdirected by its captain, this squad beat trout, among other gastronomic blunders.

The red one prepared the first (farm bean soup, Guijuelo Iberian pork dewlap, tomato and pumpkin glaze) and the dessert (almond and saffron sponge cake, drunk with caramel and covered with burnt marzipan, a proposal that was titled “Another way of seeing Segovian punch”). They solved the ballot with a notable high, which was outstanding in the case of David bustamante, chosen the best of the test. The moment it was communicated to him, the Cantabrian did what we remember him most for in the first ‘Triumph operation’. To sing? No. Cry excited.

Bustamante cries in Segovia
Bustamante cries in Segovia – RTVE

Tamara, a sea of ​​tears

The blue team was thus facing the elimination test, but the chefs were magnanimous and granted the Cantabrian singer the privilege of freeing two applicants from this final challenge: Arkano and Juanma Castaño they were the saved ones.

So Ivan Sanchez –The failed captain–, Carmina Barrios, Eduardo Navarrete, Vanesa Romero, Tamara and Terelu Campos they were the ones who finally had to show off their skills in the pit. The challenge, to be solved in 75 minutes, consisted of preparing haute cuisine designed for the palates of the elderly using four electrical appliances that their test partners assigned them. They had the wise advice of Guadalupe and Aurelia, winner and the second classified of the first edition of ‘MasterChef Grandparents’.

‘The cod garden’ by Vanesa Romero. had “shortcomings of execution,” he regretted Jordi Cruz.

Carmina Barrios She embroidered the peppers stuffed with cod, for which she had the collaboration of a figure of Saint Jude Thaddeus, who helped her during the cooking. It doesn’t always work on ‘MasterChef’ appeal to religion: with a rosary in hand he appeared Tamara to present to the chefs a sirloin that he first put in the pressure cooker and then decided to fry. The chefs were tough (like the sirloin himself presenting), and she reacted with tears. “I come from a difficult year without being able to do a concert and I have four children to support,” justified the singer, who feared that she had disappointed her children.

The «grandmother’s croquettes» from Ivan Sanchez they were “very good”, according to Samantha, who criticized the “regular, regular” lentils of Eduardo Navarrete.

Terelu appeared with a “rich” dish (Pepe Rodriguez dixit) with great prominence of some green asparagus that were somewhat stale.

The best of the test were Ivan and Songs, which thus completed the success of ‘The Golden Girls’, as they were baptized at the beginning of the gala. The next to be saved by the chefs was Terelu. So the matter fell between Vanessa, Eduardo and Tamara.

From the gallery he came down quickly David bustamante, to comfort her urgently and tell her that she is “a fighting mother” of whom her daughters should be proud. She wouldn’t stop crying and thinking about them, remarking over and over that there were four of them to feed. “My soul breaks,” he came to tell her Pepe Rodriguez, and she finally reacted and, through tears, let out a smile.

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