Tattoos and pizzas to be president of Barça




Jordi Farré does not usually leave anyone indifferent in his appearances. He demonstrated it in the last elections when he presented a proposal that was later adopted by Josep Maria Bartomeu and is also doing it this year. Promoter of the motion of censure that ended with the board’s resignation en bloc this past October, the main objective of Farré is to pass the signature cut (2,257 valid ones are needed) to be able to officially become a candidate and attend the elections. The engineer took advantage of the presentation of his headquarters this morning to encourage the partner to support you. For this, he has promised to give tattoos of the Barcelona shield to anyone who comes to give him the signature of support for the presidency. As if that was not enough, he also assured that he will offer pizzas «from the best pizza maker in the world» whoever bets on his candidacy. The pizzas are none other than those of Fabián Martín, world champion in this culinary discipline and who supports the project. He also showed his good humor when he referred to the controversial statements of Carles Tusquets, president of the management company: “If Tusquets goes overboard we will make a motion of censure, that is why we have a broken hand.”

Something more seriously and after shelling out some names from his work team, Farré addressed his own names such as those of Leo Messi and Neymar, whose future occupy Barça today. «I would dare to say that if we win the elections, Leo will renew. It is part of the club and the image of Messi and Barça have to go together forever. He is the best player in the history of football and you have to offer him an exciting project. We will be able to motivate him and, the day after he is president, I hope he has renewed. Leo is culé and is waiting for the new board of directors to arrive to see what project they offer him. What he wants is illusion, he needs that and, right now, not only the team, the entity is sad and we have to give it a new impulse, “explained the candidate. Farré added that «Leo is going to stayWe have the ability to offer you an exciting project, I want you to stay and it has to be part of the future. I would dare to say that if we win the elections, on the 25th Leo will renew.

The candidate was in favor of recovering Neymar despite the animosity it generates among a good part of the fans. «The players who come must be chosen by the sports director. In that sense, during our meetings, he has already told us that only there are few players in the world with Barça level and that Neymar is one of them. Information has come out ensuring that we have spoken and yes, we have spoken with many people because we have to prepare a project. We will arrive at the club on January 25 and there will be four days of winter transfer window. We have spoken with many players, with Neymar too “, argued Farré, who defended the profitability of the operation:”In the end it comes out very cheap. If you have to sell Barça, if you have to relaunch the Barça brand, it is not the same to go and sell with a player like him, top, than without him. When you pay a player of this type it is not an expense, it is an investment and you have to invest in assets to grow and with Neymar it cannot be different. These types of players come out very cheap.

Finally he wanted to send a message of tranquility around the figure of Ronald Koeman, questioned after his career in the League and yesterday’s defeat in the Champions League. «Today Ronald Koeman is the coach of Barça. The first thing I will do when I enter the club is to speak with the coach to find out what he needs and if he wants to continue. I am clear that today Koeman is my coach because he has a contract. We are seven games away from winning the Champions League. He is a legend of Barça, we all knew that it would be a year of transition in which we had to have more with young people, “he said. «I will sit down and talk to him to define a project and if you want to continue with us, “he concluded.

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