Teachers accuse the Generalitat of omitting PCR to keep schools open




«Classrooms of 35 students in 50 meters, unable to maintain safety distances, open centers despite having registered community transmission and complaints from teachers who claim that PCR is omitted to avoid closing schools. The educational unions have taken stock of the management of the pandemic in schools and have suspended the Government.

Ustec, the union with the highest representation in public schools, goes further and has denounced in a statement “The obsession to keep the centers open, not even at the price of endangering the health and life of the educational community”. In the opinion of Ustec, one of the most reportable facts is that “they have stopped doing PCR on teachers who have been in contact with the positives because that would have meant that many centers should have closed due to not having new teachers.” The union ensures that in the centers virus detection tests have been performed only on tutors.

In this sense, the central recalls that, on November 23, there were 2,593 professionals who have tested positive compared to 25,823 students who have tested positive, which means «An overrepresentation of the first sector with respect to the second ».

Open centers with community transmission

“In the same way, open centers have also been kept when it was evident that there was community transmission, with cases where more than half of the groups were confined“Adds Ustec, who expresses that he shares the need to keep the centers open, although” not irrationally, when it is obvious that there is a disproportionate risk of infection “.

The union has denounced that the Ministry of Education «has given priority to electoral measures to the health of teachers and students since the beginning of the course ”, in his“ obsession to keep the centers open ”and“ to appear normal ”and has announced mobilizations to“ reverse the situation ”.

This was stated at a press conference by the union’s Union Action coordinator, Eli Pericas; the deputy spokesperson, Xavier Diez, and the representative of labor personnel Anais Lopez.


Ustec has analyzed the three-month course and the situation of the workforce and has announced mobilizations for the coming weeks and months to which they hope that “the entire educational community and the rest of the unions will join.”

The union has presented the report «Teaching telework 2020: a bad experience», in which more than 9,000 professionals have participated, and which notes deficiencies in the educational system that “are leading to in fatigue, restlessness, and irritation among teachers», Informs Efe. Among the shortcomings, the spokesman Xavier Diez has denounced over-ratios “especially in secondary school” and in post-compulsory education, “with 35 students in 50 meters, without being able to maintain the safety distance” which “has caused very high numbers of infections ».

According to Diez, Autonomy in the centers has caused the directorates to “put more pressure on professionals, especially in hybrid education and that the data they offer is not transparent. Another criticism has been that PCR tests “have been limited to tutors.” This measure, according to Díez, “has prevented a further deficit of teachers in the centers” that “have remained open when it was evident that there was community transmission.”

Complaint to the Labor Inspectorate

For its part, Independent Trade Union Center and Officials (CSIF), the most representative union in public administrations, together with the other teachers unions in Tarragona (Ustec, CC.OO., CGT and Union of Secondary Teachers), reported in October to the Labor Inspectorate, the failure to comply with prevention measures in educational centers since school activity was resumed in September.

They ensure that the opening of the educational centers was done “Without having implemented any of the measures that can have a positive impact on minimizing or suppressing the risk of contagion from Covid-19”. They refer especially to “the reduction of the number of students per group, the cleaning, sanitization and ventilation of the centers, the supply in sufficient quantity of masks, hydroalcoholic gel and face shields and the distance between students of 1.5 meters or 1 meter, among other measures ».

Other deficits denounced by the union refer to “the provision of new classrooms or equivalent spaces, protection of workers especially sensitive to the risk of contagion, management of Covid-19 cases in educational centers or the reinforcement of the material and human resources of the prevention service ”.

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