Técnicas Reunidas has a portfolio to offer projects of 50,000 million euros



Técnicas Reunidas currently has a portfolio of offers (‘pipeline’) of 50,000 million euros, as stated by its president Juan Lladó at the shareholders’ meeting held today.

He explained that 61% corresponds to clean and sustainable fuel projects, and petrochemical developments. And 18,000 million, that is, 30% of, are made up of projects focused on the treatment of natural gas, a product in which we are leaders and which is so necessary and essential for the progressive decarbonisation process. Another 3,000 million euros correspond to projects framed in the pure energy transition: hydrogen, biofuels, CO2 capture … “Real projects, with present and with a future of which we are already part because awards are being produced”.

Lladó said that «certainly, 2021 is still a difficult year, with third and fourth waves, with restrictions to travel and work, with uncertainties … Well, in this complicated context, Técnicas Reunidas has recently won five awards that exceed and 2,100 million euros; and that they confirm that we are in a year of transition where we have to strengthen ourselves to tackle a future of growth that is so close that we are almost there. “

He added that “for this reason, we must strengthen ourselves to grow again on the basis of these important awards that we have achieved in Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, Russia and the Netherlands.”

The president of Técnicas Reunidas affirmed that a future of growth in which the energy transition “positions us as a benchmark service company in sectors and technologies that need us. To do this, we work in this area, with clients and investors from different geographies, on opportunities totaling more than 3,000 million in products that we know very well and with technologies that we know how to develop, improve and design with quality and efficiency. We have the best engineering teams to help make the energy transition a reality. “

He has also said that the ‘drag effect’ of the company, that is, its purchases from other Spanish companies represent on average more than 700 million euros a year in exports and supplies.

Regarding the dividend, he announced that “this context advises that we resume the path of remuneration to shareholders when operations and investments stabilize in the market.”

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