That’s how you wear the scarf in winter, that’s how you are

If we compare the winter wardrobe with the summer wardrobe, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that in the colder months a range of possibilities opens up when it comes to configuring daily outfits. The call “Onion effect” -or what is the same, wear layers and layers of clothing to cope with low temperatures- is perfect for dare with original mixes and give a new reinterpretation to what is already in the closet. Accessories are another key point for revitalize the look, And if there is one par excellence when the mercury goes down that is the scarf.

Its history dates back to Ancient Rome, where it was used as a shroud, and to the culture China, in the military field. We owe their use as we understand it today to the French, who in the 17th century began to use them as a distinctive element, also giving rise to the first ties. Like any garment, there is no doubt that each person gives it your own personal touch depending on how you combine it or the accessories you add. What’s more, the same model can represent completely opposite styles just by changing the way it is worn. If you don’t believe it, try your favorite scarf, for example, with a central knot or rolled up, it looks different, right?

Well, choosing how to wear it can reveal much more about you than it may appear in reality. Extended, with a twist, French style … each one has its own meaning … What is yours?

With a nude Ascott

The simple fact that you tie your tie like this denotes that you cannot leave the house without looking completely perfect. You are always made a brush and you love to highlight your most Dandy side with fitted jackets and vintage shirts. You love to seduce with your look and you don’t think twice when you go shopping.


One of the great classics that consists of wearing the scarf folded in half, tucking one side into the other. If you are one of those who usually bet on this variety, it could be said that you like play it safe and risk the right thing. The phrase that would best define you would be: if something works, why change?

The French knot, a classic
The French knot, a classic – © Instagram: @cativelly_style_sartorial

Covering one shoulder

Even if you try to give the image of carefree, you really love have it all under control. You like elegance but not boast of luxury and that is precisely why you have clothes from the best brands that are quite discreet. The members of this group are also usually quite conceited and perfectionists.


Do not complicate yourself, you are fully functional and the main thing is to be comfortable. But beware, the group of men who wear the extended scarf could be classified into of the segments. On the one hand, those who wear it carefully placed on the lapels of the coat, which would mean that they pay attention to the small details and that they are quite checkered; and those who directly skip the topic and wear it like that because they haven’t stopped to think about whether they could wear it in another way.

Those who wear it extended are divided into two groups
Those who wear it extended are divided into two groups – ©Instagram: @edwar3sL

Rolled up with a turn

You are practical but at the same time you choose your clothing carefully. What you want, you want it now, And you tend to change your mind pretty quickly, which is why you choose easy-to-change options in case you regret it (and we’re not just talking about clothes, for the record).


The singer was the protagonist of hundreds of memes for his scarf
The singer was the protagonist of hundreds of memes for his scarf – © Instagram: @ lenny.kravitz

If you are also like Lenny Kravitz and you choose models in size XXL, we will only tell you that you are one of those usually leave everything for the last moment -including choosing the outfit- and that is why you give the spotlight to the scarf, to see if you cover the disaster. You are also usually a bit of a disaster when it comes to organizing yourself both in your free time and at work …

Short, panty or neckline style

You are passionate about sports and you are aware of trends, that’s why the athleisure It is the style that best defines you. You can’t conceive of life without your old shoes and you are also usually quite adventurous, so the more off-road you wear, the better.

Pashmina type

You don’t usually risk too much and consider yourself a person quite eclectic. One day you can think one thing and change your mind the second, but there is no doubt that when something convinces you, you prefer not to risk it.

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