The 3.4 million Pfizer vaccines announced by Sánchez will only reach 4 autonomies




The 3.4 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine that Pedro Sánchez pulled out of his sleeve at the Conference of Presidents held in Salamanca, as a great announcement, will only be distributed among four Communities. This was revealed this Wednesday by the Galician health minister, Julio García Comesaña, after the celebration of a new inter-territorial health council, which has not hidden his “disappointment” in the face of a decision by the Ministry. What will those four graceful territories be? Health has not revealed it to the counselors during the telematic meeting.

«Today finally the Government transferred that only four autonomous communities are going to receive those extra doses that the European Union sent to Spain for its efficiency in vaccination, “Comesaña commented after the meeting and confirmed” that Galicia is not in those four. “From Galicia we accept and see well the dose adjustment -in the case of Moderna-, the only thing that we permanently demand is clear knowledge of the criteria for this adjustment, this was not the case until today,” he said. Galicia and Murcia asked Minister Carolina Darias for “transparency” in the distribution criteria. A request that, once again, has fallen on deaf ears.

Given the appeals to “solidarity” made in recent days from the Government to Galicia and other Communities that, proportionally, have received more vaccines than others given that age ranges with greater weight among their population were vaccinated, Comesaña has been favorable for this “progressive equalization” to take place – a term used by the Ministry in the statement that has reported the results of the Interterritorial -, but without this implying limiting the distribution of the 3.4 million doses to four autonomies.

Comesaña has insisted that in the case of the Pfizer Galicia adjustment, it asks that it be carried out “to the community that receives the most doses.” “That with this adjustment we all get to have the same number of doses, which is reasonable,” said the councilor. «We are still disappointed because of all that important quantity of vaccines Galicia will not be entitled to any, but we respect that criterion of adjustment to the corresponding population and we ask that this adjustment be made to the community that received the highest number of doses, ”the councilor insisted, so that Galicia will also get some.

Thus, Galicia has proposed once again that a document be drawn up for the autonomous communities to know “in order to plan and develop vaccination in the most efficient way.” “We accept, as it cannot be otherwise, an adjustment, but transparency is necessary,” he claimed.

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