The 6 best Smartwatch for men

Donerton Men’s Sports Smartwatch

This is one of Donerton’s latest launches in smartwatches that has received the highest ratings on Amazon. It is compatible with all applications usual with him operating system of Android, so that you get all the performance out of the connection between your smartphone and the smartwatch.

You will be able to monitor the quality of your sleep, track your sports sessions, receive messages directly on your wrist, count your steps and measure your walks with the integrated pedometer and with heart rate, receive calls and manage all your alarms from your smartwatch.

This smartwatch incorporates a TFT LCD touch screen liquid crystal, with a size of 1.69 inches, a resolution 240×280 and antiglare property.

Wilful smart watch with adjustable TFT LCD display

Undoubtedly, another of the kings in sales in smartwatch for men, is the Smart watch with TFT LCD touch screen by Wilful. Its 1.3-inch monitor has an adjustable mode to 3 levels of brightness and is made of durable glass, with a hardness of 2.5D.

With a simple wrist twist the screen lights up and you can check any notification. You don’t need to touch it, which is sure to allow you to work hands-free.

It includes 9 sport modes pre-installed, so that you receive all the data on your workouts and exercises. Measurements for jogging, hiking, biking, climbing, yoga, hiking, spinning, and stepping.

In addition, you can receive directly alarm shaft SNS in a lot of Applications like, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linked In, Skype and many more.

Connect all your applications with the Rinsmola smartwatch

The large TFT LCD screen 1.4-inch size of this smartwatch includes optimized touch functionality, to provide the better user experience. You can customize the background from over 200 image options, or choose any of your favorite photos.

Have a durable crystal, resistant and with a fast response rate Y need. Connect your smartwatch to the operating system of your mobile phone and receive notifications from the applications, directly.

Do not miss anything, with vibration alerts for emails, notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Skype …

Of course, it incorporates a heart monitor and sleep quality measurement system. Track all data automatically and continuously. You will receive a detailed summary of the statistics in each of its Applications.

Xiaomi Band smart watch with exercise and sleep monitor

The Chinese brand that has dethroned Samsung and Apple in number of smartphone sales, also has its own line of smart watches. The Xiaomi Band 5 with fine screen Y color touch, work with technology Amoled and offers you one of the best user experiences on the market.

Control everything about your Health and measure the quality of your sleep. All data is recorded individually in the Applications of this telephoneYou will even receive recommendations with special exercises for your training condition.

Do you need to lose a few extra kilos and intensively? The fat burning mode of this Xiaomi smartwatch trains all the muscles of your body and records all data in recovery time, strokes per minute and helps burn fat in general.

The Amazfit smart watch stands out for its design and elegance

The classic and elegant design of this Amazfit smart watch is one of the most consumed trends. It presents delicate lines, made of precious materials such as titanium that provide lightness, elegance and robustness.

It is made in micro-crystalline zirconia material which provides a high quality mechanical feel. Its color Amoled screen with more than 100 editable backgrounds and can be edited, so that any of its widget is displayed with information about the applications you need.

Use a battery of innovative technology, maintaining a slim shape and that gives you up to 14 days of continued use.

Apple Watch Series 3

The blank edition of this Smart watch from Apple, it is a slightly cheaper option than the rest of the models in its family and if the color convinces you, more affordable than its black edition, you know how these things go with the exclusive California brand.

It is the only option for you to get the maximum performance to the connection between your smartphone with IOS operating system, for all applications. Of course, your retina screen is one of the differentiating factors.

It also stands out for its Storage capacity and music playback, its S3 Chip with core processor and its optical heart rate sensor super accurate.

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