The Alicante Provincial Council allocates 30 million to the municipalities due to depopulation and the coronavirus




The Deputation from Alicante will allocate close to 30 million euros to help municipalities correct the depopulation and the dispersion of its inhabitants, in addition to facing the crisis pro the pandemic derived from the coronavirus, with the plan + Search 2021, presented this Monday by the president of the provincial government, Carlos Mazon.

In this line of financing, the criteria of number of districts, dispersion and population density and depopulation have prevailed. This plan, with which both the investments in infrastructures such as current expenses of the local administrations that request it, it tries to “reinforce the productive and social fabric” of the Alicante towns, according to Mazón.

In his opinion, “after getting to dispose of the remnants and savings of a healthy County Council” the time has come “to alleviate the economic and social crisis that comes after the health crisis” generated by the pandemic from Covid-19.

Mazón (PP) has made these statements during an appearance before the media in which he has been accompanied by Javier Gutierrez, spokesperson at the provincial institution of Citizens, the partner of the Popular Government.

The president of the Diputación has defended that this program “includes the shortcomings of some municipalities” and allows them to face “the special incidence” of the crisis “that we anticipate for 2021”.

Alternative to the Generalitat

Mazón has also stressed that the + Cerca plan is an “alternative” to the criteria for the distribution of Money from Cooperation Europeans used by the Generalitat Valenciana.

“We understand that the exclusively population criterion is unfair,” he said, which is why corrective measures have been applied “regarding the number of districts, dispersion and density of inhabitants and depopulation” in order to benefit the smaller municipalities.

For his part, Gutiérrez stressed that this distribution of funds has been carried out based on “institutional flexibility, local autonomy and new lines of investment.”

“This is the rapid response of this administration,” he continued, “after the liberalization” of funds that the Government has decreed “at the end of the year”, after “flagrantly breaking in September” the agreement that had been reached with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces for the distribution of surpluses and savings of councils and municipalities.

As explained by the Cs spokesman, the project is a “conciliatory plan” that includes “the vicissitudes suffered by the municipalities in this year of crisis.”

He also stressed that it is paid “one hundred percent” by the provincial institution and that, in towns with less than 1,000 inhabitants, it will be subject to the exclusive control of the Provincial Council.

The + Cerca plan includes investment and current expense lines. In the first section, Gutiérrez has detailed that the Diputación will subsidize “any investment in civil work or building “, both in construction and in the purchase of solar, writing of Projects or even demolition works.

As for the second line of funds, the costs of “maintenance and conservation of installations“or expenses for cleaning, electricity supply, water, gas and fuel. Also in this investment funds may be requested for municipal staff, “excluding those relating to government bodies and temporary personnel,” as specified by Gutiérrez.

The municipalities that will obtain the most resources under this plan are Orihuela (403,707 euros), Torrevieja (341,668.50), Elche (335,000) and Alicante (330,000) and the least, Benimeli (110,852 euros), Llosa de Camacho (112,000) and l’Alqueria d’Asnar (116,902).

Regarding the correction for depopulation, the cities that benefit the most are Calp, with an extra addition under this criterion of 60,000 euros, and San Fulgencio, San Miguel de Salinas and Teulada, with 50,000.

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