The ANC calls to skip the confinement to protest for the freedom of the 1-O prisoners




The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) has called eleven vehicle marches to the Puig de les Basses and Wad-Ras prisons for this Friday afternoon to protest against the decision of the Supreme Court to revoke the third prison degree granted by the Department of Justice of the Generalitat to the prisoners of 1-O. According to its organizers, the columns of cars will leave the cities Gerona and Olot in the direction of two prisons located in Barcelona and Figueres, with which its participants will skip the weekend municipal confinement in force in Catalonia that prohibits leaving the municipalities of residence after six in the morning on Friday.

In a statement, the ANC has explained that it has chosen these two prisons because they are the ones to which the former councilor Dolors Bassa -Puig de les Basses- and the former president of Parliament Carme Forcadell -Wad-Ras- must return. The marches, according to the entity, seek to make visible that there has been “A new violation of fundamental rights by the Spanish justice” and transfer the support of the ANC to the independence prisoners.

In the Puig de les Basses prison, which is in Figueres (Gerona), there will be six columns that will have emerged, among others, from the Bisbal d’Empordà, Santa Coloma de Farners, Banyoles and Olot. In the center of Wad-Ras, located within the city of Barcelona, ​​the vehicle columns of Barcelona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) will meet. According to the ANC, all measures will be followed in the mobilizations and necessary health requirements in the current context of the pandemic, for which they have asked all those who participate in them to respect them and not get out of their vehicles.

However, according to the current measures against the pandemic in Catalonia, you cannot leave the municipalities during the weekends, between Friday at six in the morning and Monday at six in the morning. Only urgent, justified or work trips are exempt from this rule. Sports activities in groups of up to six people in the open air in bordering municipalities, visits to prisons and issues related to shared custody are also authorized. In the case of the ANC manifestation, none of the aforementioned requirements are met.

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