The Aragonese Government knocks down 85% of the projects submitted to the housing plan against depopulation




The aid from the Aragonese rural housing plan against depopulation will only reach 15% of the municipalities that have requested them. The short budget that the regional government has reserved for this line of aid means that the vast majority of applications have been rejected.

The social-communist Executive of the PSOE, Podemos, the sovereignists of the Chunta and the PAR has distributed 1.17 million euros through this line of grants, aimed at co-financing the rehabilitation of municipal buildings to convert them into rental housing for new settlers. It was the star section of the new grant package announced by the Government of Javier Lambán under its Special Directive on Demographic Policy and Against Depopulation, and integrated into the Autonomous Fund for Territorial Cohesion. But, finally, these housing aid will only bequeath to 28 of the 182 local entities that have requested them.

85% of the applications have been knocked down, as stated in the resolution signed by the Minister of the Territory Vertebration, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro (Chunta). It has just been published in the Official Gazette of Aragon (BOA).

Among the few municipalities to which these subsidies will reach, the average aid is around 42,000 euros. What’s more, of the applications that have been accepted, the majority have been partially granted. In other words, the Aragonese Government will only grant a part of the requested subsidy, as it is understood that they did not meet all the necessary requirements to obtain the full aid.

The beneficiaries of the distribution

In total, it has approved the distribution of 512,338.81 euros among twelve local entities whose requests have been fully accepted: Griegos, Torre la Ribera, Fombuena, Las Peñas de Riglos, Monterde de Albarracín, Bijuesca, Sos del Rey Católico, Letux, Cascante del River, La Sotonera, Canal de Berdón and Libros. Another 657,543.07 euros are distributed among 16 local entities that have been partially awarded the grant they had requested: Rillo, Longás, Torrijo de la Cañada, Valmadrid, Retascón, Huesa del Común, Fórnoles, Tronchón, Berrueco, Argente, Artieda , Las Parras de Castellote, Tramacastiel, Monforte de Moyuela, Fuentes Calientes and Miravete de la Sierra.

The objective of these subsidies is that small municipalities have public housing in which they can attract new inhabitants with which to curb the demographic desert that is advancing through most of the Aragonese territory. Of the 731 municipalities that Aragon has, 218 do not exceed 100 registered inhabitants, they are at extreme risk of extinction. And another 327 municipalities present a high risk of extinction, having less than 500 inhabitants and, in most cases, with aging censuses and a lack of generational change.

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