The audience calls for the boycott of ‘Survivors’ due to the presence on the set of Rocío Flores



The latest interventions by Dew Flowers In ‘The Ana Rosa program’ as well as in the debate of ‘Survivors’, broadcast last night, they have not liked part of the Telecinco audience that, making use of social networks, has not hesitated to charge against the young daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores. The reason is none other than the role of Flores in two programs, which he will attend regularly to defend the Olga Moreno contest, wife of Antonio David Flores, something that for part of the public makes clear the position of the young woman after the emission of the documentary series ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’.

The assistance this Sunday from Flores to ‘Honduras Connection’, presented by Jordi González, flooded Twitter with comments from the audience that, under the label # RocíoFloresComplice, criticized that the eldest daughter of Rocío Carrasco walked through the sets to defend her father’s wife. “I only think about how Rocío Carrasco will be, seeing her daughter so excited and happy I defend Olga, after she has undressed body and soul to tell her heartbreaking story,” said a user of the social network. The daughter of Antonio David, however, wanted to anticipate criticism during her first speech: “I am not Olga’s official defender, I am a collaborator as a former contestant and, apart from that, I will defend what I think is appropriate,” he said.

«Rocío Flores I see you very worried about Olga and very happy at the same time to see her well. Too bad you don’t feel the same compassion for your mother »said another viewer on Twitter. To the presence of Flores on set was added that of his cousin, Gloria Camila Ortega, sister of Rocío Carrasco and that the viewers also condemned:

Nor was Telecinco free of criticism. Many viewers rated it as ‘hypocrite’ the attitude of the chain when having the young woman among its collaborators and wanting to ‘make a box’ with the alleged abuse narrated on television by Rocío Carrasco whose series, it must be remembered, has changed its broadcast day and will premiere its next episode this Wednesday.

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