The AVT denounces the false repentance plan of ETA prisoners the day another 6 transfers are announced




At the same time that Fernando Grande-Marlaska denied “collective treatment” around the approach of prisoners to the Basque Country, the Ministry of the Interior that he himself directs reported another six transfers. In this last batch, six inmates benefited, among whom are two who carry crimes of blood: Jesús María Altable and Ángel María Tellería. These latest movements have been reported by the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT), which has denounced a “strategy of false regrets” by terrorists to access this type of prison benefits.

In a statement, the association chaired by Maite Araluce has warned of the existence of a “Strategy orchestrated by the ETA lawyers”, which make their represented sign “letters of false repentance” in order to process with the Ministry of the Interior their transfer to prisons near the Basque Country. “This would only confirm what we have been denouncing since September 2018, which is the use of alleged form regrets to mask what is nothing other than an assignment to a historical claim of ETA,” the association points out.

This noon, Interior has reported six other transfers in a statement that emphasizes that the inmates have shown “empathy with the victims.” – “How?” Asks the AVT. Among the beneficiaries are terrorists who participated in the murders of the Captain of the Civil Guard José Luis Ollo Ochoa and the National Police inspector María José García Sánchez. These are the aforementioned Jesús María Altable and Ángel María Tellería, who will land, respectively, in the prisons of Soria and El Dueso (Cantabria).

Another of those approached in this last round, Jon Mirena San Pedro, participated in an attempted attack against a policeman in 1991 in Baracaldo. Your destination will be the Dueñas-La Moraleja penitentiary in Palencia. The rest are Jon Crespo (El Dueso), Jon Echeverría Oiarbide (El Dueso) and José Carlos Apeztegía Jaca (Pamplona).

According to AVT calculations, in four months all the prisoners of this criminal organization will be transferred to prisons in the north of Spain “resorting to letters of supposed forgiveness that never reach the victims.” “The Government will have fulfilled one of ETA’s historic struggles”, complaint.

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