The Balearic Government subsidizes with 3,900 euros a campaign “for a menstruation also free of waste”

Palma de Mallorca



The Ministry of the Environment of the Balearic Government presented yesterday the campaign «New period. For a menstruation free also of residues », which includes a pioneering study at European level in which for the first time the environmental impact of disposable menstrual products single use only. The initiative was presented by the General Director of Waste and Environmental Education of the Government, Sebastià Sansó, and the coordinator of the Rezero Foundation in the Balearic Islands, Roser Badia.

It should be remembered that the Balearic Islands are governed by a tripartite made up of the PSOE, Unidas Podemos and MÉS per Mallorca, under the presidency of the socialist Francina Armengol. The Minister for the Environment is Miquel Mir, from MÉS. Regarding the aforementioned study, it has been possible thanks to the subsidies granted by the General Directorate of Waste to various environmental education projects. Thus, the Rezero Foundation has received 3,900 euros to carry out this study. One of the conclusions of this work is that it is estimated that last year more than 135 million units of menstrual products were used in the Balearic Islands, generating 1,600 tons of waste.

During the presentation of this initiative, Sansó thanked the Rezero Foundation for its “awareness and dissemination” work and expressed his satisfaction at “being able to sponsor this campaign through the environmental education grant lines.” The general director stressed that the new action combines “two basic principles” of the Ministry of the Environment, “environmental education and waste prevention.” Finally, he recalled that the Balearic Islands Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils provides, among other measures, the promotion of reusable and / or biodegradable menstrual hygiene products.

“Change of model”

For his part, Badia stressed that it is “essential to disseminate alternatives and resources to disposable products, in addition to train the youngest citizens to achieve the true change of model». The coordinator of the Rezero Foundation in the Balearic Islands added that “the companies that dominate the markets for disposable menstrual products do not assume the costs derived from the management of their products.”

The aforementioned study also concludes that disposable menstrual products and wet wipes They are two of the top ten plastic products most commonly found on beaches and marine surfaces. In this context, it should be remembered that it has been estimated that the economic cost for the Government of removing floating debris from the sea of ​​menstrual products, wipes and other sanitary waste amounts to about 50,000 euros per year.

In addition to the study presented yesterday, the Rezero Foundation has prepared the “Guide to Zero Waste Menstruation in the Balearic Islands”, with information on reusable alternatives and a directory of reusable menstrual products outlets. Likewise, the web page is also running, with educational resources and audiovisual materials to “work on menstrual education from institutes and schools.”

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