The beautiful story between a TVE reporter and an abandoned dog on La Palma



Journalists displaced to the island of La Palma have become, on more than one occasion, the protagonists of some of the stories that the disaster has caused since the volcano erupted on September 19. An example of this is that of the Spanish Television reporter Francisca gonzalez, one of the most familiar faces to viewers since the tragedy occurred and that, every day, informs through the public channel and its social networks of the progress of the event, which has already devastated a total of 1,458 buildings and burned 656 hectares.

González, in addition, has become the protagonist of her own news after her partner, the producer Clara M. Peláez, revealed on Twitter that the journalist and her team have taken care of a small dog abandoned on La Palma and whom they have baptized as Vulcan. “Now, while Paqui speaks live for RTVE, Vulcano, as they have baptized him, waits at the feet of his new friend,” wrote Peláez on Twitter.

Francisca gonzalez He echoed the tweet of his partner and wanted to clarify that it is the dog, in fact, the one who takes care of the television team: «He takes care of us. He stands at the foot of the direct’s egg cup. Neighbors say it has no owner. We could not put him in the car when they evacuated us, “said the reporter.

In another tweet, and after many users of the social network praised the good work of the TVE reporter with his new friend, Francisco González shared the food he had bought for Vulcano but, unfortunately, he had not had time to leave him .

Francisca González has become one of the most recognizable journalists by viewers due to her television coverage of the disaster on La Palma.

The reporter, who reports every day of the situation from the scene of the tragedy, It already became news after the eruption surprised him in full direct.

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