The beginning of a beautiful friendship



He repaired the first day of the half-season in the help that the dogs suppose looking for the quails and in the ‘hobby’ that they show. I have always been interested in the origin of this relationship between dog and man.

English scientist Alice Roberts describes canine paleontology in her book Domesticated as a real dog fight. The theories about the origin of man’s best friend have alternated for centuries and today advances in mitochondrial DNA sequencing have amended eminences like Darwin, who proposed that the dog descended from coyotes, wolves and jackals; or to Konrad Lorenz, who, although he ruled out coyotes from the dog’s ancestor list, bet more on the jackal in most cases. Today it seems that there is a consensus that the dog descends from the wolf, from the gray in particular, and that this was the first domesticated animal.

Where? Throughout the time in which this subject has been studied it has been suggested that Europe, Eurasia, East Asia or Africa, even North America were the possible ‘homelands’ of the dog, both in a single point and in several different ones. Today, without having settled the issue, its Siberian origin takes hold.

When? The dates that began to be shuffled were those of the Neolithic and later delayed by the discovery of new fossils to much earlier dates close to 40,000 years. Today, the discussion of whether the oldest fossils can be considered authentic dogs, are ‘rare’ wolves or lost evolutionary branches has brought the dates of appearance of dogs as such closer together and it is estimated that it could have been about 23,000 years ago, coinciding with the abundance of wolf and human prey in northern Siberia.

How? The most accepted theory has always been or has been based on that presented by Raymond Coppinger, an expert scientist in the behavior and origin of the dog, who argued that everything was the result of a beneficial relationship for both parties, as the wolves approached the settlements humans and get used to taking advantage of each other’s hunts. It is striking that the option that I think is most likely is hardly valued, such as the theft of litters and the adaptation of the puppies to their new herd.

Of these the why? It seems the most rhetorical question and it is believed that the cooperation in the hunt was the germ of this beautiful friendship.

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